Is teatox the new detox?

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While I’m not a great fan of traditional detoxes perhaps a teatox is the next best thing?

Traditional detoxes limit calories while making us feel pretty crappy for a premise that we will feel a million bucks at the end.

There has to be an easier way.. 

Detoxes do provide a great way to recelebrate your body with feelings perhaps that may be masked due to overeating the wrong foods while resetting tastebuds and giving your digestion a break from processed  foods. BUT what they often lack is the skill of digging deeper and finding out the real reason you’re overeating or choosing the unhealthy choices in the first place. It misses the point of making lifestyle changes for sustainable weight loss.

Enter the teatox!

A teatox supplements a healthy way of eating, (so there is no real food deprivation going on). This is done by using a blend of special ingredients that may help with increased energy levels, a reduction in appetite, improved metabolism, improved digestion, reduce bloating, increased fat burn and colon cleansing.

I was offered the chance to try a 14 day teatox for myself from Elruh teas which involved drinking 2 cups of tea from their special ‘Skinny Body” tea while maintaining my exercise regime. The ingredients in this tea are Citron, Chrysanthemum, Pure Black Tea, Green Tea, Senna Leaf, Liquorice Root, Cinnamon, Jasmine Flowers. It was quite pleasant tasting a more on the side of a green tea variation.

I may have a tea every now and then so the hardest part for me was trying to remember to have the teas.  In a way I did feel more in control of my appetite and felt I needed to snack less which may have been due to having the extra fluid each day. I’m not sure if it is a coincidence but I didn’t really crave anything sweet which I sometimes get after long workouts and it gave me a chance to check into how my body really feels and if it was just thirst I was feeling rather than hunger.

It was kinda fun to try this 14 day trial and while I feel it is marketing towards the 20 somethings (promoting hashtags and selfies) it can offer everyone the chance to take heed and perhaps supplement a snack that may not be necessary for a tea with benefits.

 Have you ever tried a teatox? Would you?

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