Don’t make these boo-boo’s with your juices

juicing mistakes

When I say juices, I mean smoothies depends what equipment use…

Just because you are having a liquid meal and not having your usual filling meal, doesn’t mean you will instantly see the kilos falling off you.  Yes, they are awesome ways to fill your daily nutrient quota but there are a few things to keep in mind while you are hitting the blender.


Yep, throw in an apple, banana, some watermelon.. how about some berries and kiwi too?  Now, imagine eating that much fruit in one sitting .. that is enough fruit for 2 days! Awesome fibre mind you but it will send your blood sugar levels through the roof and packs a whopping amount of calories plus you’ll probably be hungry again soon enough. To help slow down absorption, blend with some protein – milk, nuts, chia seeds, yoghurt or muesli.


This is the stuff that’s going to help you feel full, the fibrous stuff that comes with eating berries, kale, kiwi fruit, pears, and brans. Chia seeds are great as they absorb water throughout the digestion. High GI fruits such as banana, watermelon and grapes don’t have a lot of fibre.


Dropping by a boost juice for morning or afternoon tea is a big call. These juices have enough energy to sustain a full meal so your better off having some water, fruit and nuts as a snack.


If that pretty jar you bought (go figure) to fill up your juice is too large just fill up it half way. It’s easy to chug double the amount of calories with smoothies (or waste because you are too full)

What’s been your favourite juice/smoothie lately?

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