Health and Fitness Bites That Caught My Eye this Week

photo23 - Health and Fitness Bites That Caught My Eye this Week

There’s definitely a lot of humdrum posts that pass through my FeedDemon reader but at the same time quite a few that make me want to click on through for more.  This weekend I have selected a few of my favourite posts all things health and fitness from the past week to share with you.

1// This article from Greatist discusses  the evolution of the minimalist workouts and if they should always be considered the be all end all when we consider working out

2 // Mindbodygreen gave us a wonderful decadent rice pudding smoothie recipe to try.  Doesn’t all those words in one sentence just sound amazing! If you’re going to have a carb hit this is one way to do it properly;)

3 // Have you heard about the Alkaline diet?  The Healthier Post has done the hard yards for you and summed it up nicely in this post. Is it something you should try long term..well see for yourself…

4 // For a nice quick tip I like this post from Popsugar, how organising your fridge can help you lose weight because our fridges should be seen as an extension of our health.

5 // If there is one thing I love to do when I visit the States is to grab a frozen yoghurt, golly gosh they are soo good, but alas as I thought (and was innocently trying to avoid) was the truth about the ingredients that go into making it.  Huffington Post has kindly let us know…

6 // And finally a post on hot yoga and if it really has any benefits over any other type of yoga class.  I think whatever floats your boat really..personally I don’t like the icky environment and prefer fresh air to get my sweat up but there is definitely a queue of participants lining up for them!

How about you like hot yoga?

What about frozen yoghurt…will it stop you from eating it?

Did you catch my other posts this week…

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  • Reply Skye August 17, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Great post Karla! Lots of interesting bits!! As you know I am not a fan of hot yoga but love love love vinyasa/Ashtanga/power yoga. I believe you can easily generate your own heat in a good yoga class, the benefits and results are real not falsified by the heat as in other hot yoga types. But as you said, what ever floats your boat!! Any yoga is so beneficial for the body mind and soul.

    • Reply Karla August 17, 2013 at 9:25 pm

      Too true Skye, I think it appeals though because you don’t have to get a puff up to sweat in hot yoga, very appealing to some;)

  • Reply Georgina Clarke August 17, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    I was going to start Bikram yoga and did some research…found that the only person who really claimed proof of benefits was Mr Bikram himself! Decided to give it a miss and stick with the class I already loved.

    • Reply Karla August 17, 2013 at 9:28 pm

      Well there you go Georgina, like you said no real benefits over normal yoga but but just a different way of doing it! Thanks for dropping by;)

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