This Weeks Health and Fitness News You Missed – But Need to Know!

It’s time again to share my favourite habits, health and fitness news links that were worthy enough to bookmark. These are the news headlines that caught my attention and offer advice on the principles we often chat about here on Ironmum Karla.

So to get things started the health and fitness news links that caught my eye during the past week are…


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This Weeks Health and Fitness News You Missed 

Top 10 Food Trends Will Shape The Way You Eat This Year

This article is great and I love the forward thinking that has gone into creating it. Not only is there focus on food but also trends that are shaping the production and larger picture taking into consideration environmental and community trends and even our pets!. (MindBodyGreen)

WHO wants to strip trans fats from global food supply in five years

Reading this made my heart sing! Finally, an action is being taken to help those that can’t necessarily help themselves from consuming foods that are high in trans fats. I am interested to hear what their substitutes will be though… (ABCNEWS)

How to Kick Your Caffeine Dependence for Good

Caffeine dependence is real, and I’ve seen it through my Health Coaching, many not realising that they have a dependence on it and the myriad of problems it’s causing. Once again though it comes down to awareness and understanding the unlying issues around what caffeine is really doing for you. (TIME)

How bacteria are changing your mood

A study done in Japan recently has given us new insight into how the brain affects how we think. It really is the way of the future and hopefully helps shed new light on improvements we can make to bring optimal health. (BBCNEWS)

Adolescents’ cooking skills strongly predict future nutritional well-being

Yes, thank you… enough said! (ScienMag)

The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right

It’s true…most of us know what’s right to eat but struggle to put it into practice. With too many choices, differing opinions and ‘shoulds’, things get complicated with something that should be so damn simple… (Grubstreet)

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