Dairy Free Easter Chocolate Bark

raw choc bark

So, it’s THAT time of the year and if you’re dairy/lactose intolerant like my husband you either grin and bear it, or are lucky enough to have someone make you a batch of this dairy free easter chocolate bark.

Once you have the ingredients, then it’s super simple and much more pure than conventional chocolate (which contains mainly animal fats and processed sugars).  Cocao butter is the duck’s nuts (it can be pricey) of chocolate and comes from the cocao bean. It’s a good source of Vitamin E and has essential fatty acids Omega-6 and monounsaturated Omega-9 (oleic acid, like olive oil) as well as stearic acid – an unusual fat in that it neither increases nor decreases blood cholesterol.

I have made raw choc arils and white choc bark also but you really be as creative as you like by add things like peppermint, nuts and different flavours to suit your tastes. There really are so many variations to this recipe but keep in mind, there is still quite a substantial amount of fat content, so you still have to be cautious with portion.


Dairy-free Easter Chocolate Bark

1 cup cocao butter (look in health food stores)

1 cup Bioglan organic cocao powder (3/4 to 1 cup but depends on strength you like)

1/4 cup maple syrup

1/4 cup rice malt syrup

1 tsp vanilla bean paste goji berries, pumpkin seeds, dried apricots..whatever!!

1. Line a baking tray with baking paper and spread out your berries and seeds

2. In a double broiler or with a glass dish over a small amount of water over a pan, melt the cocao butter over a medium heat.

3. Remove from heat once melted and add in cocoa powder, syrups and vanilla.

4. Mix well together, and before the chocolate begins to set pour over the seeds and berries

5. Place in freezer to set for a few hours then break the bark into pieces and store in the fridge. Make pretty and give to those who would appreciate it!

dairy-free chocolate

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