This Week’s Habits, Health and Fitness News You Need to Know

It’s time again to share my favourite habits, health and fitness news links that were worthy enough to bookmark. These are the headlines that caught my attention, and offer advice on the principles we often chat about here on Ironmum Karla.

So to get things started the health and fitness news links that caught my eye during the past week are…

health and fitness news

This Week’s Habits, Health and Fitness News You Need to Know #28

How Therapy Can Cure Overeating

I have seen this over and over, with many struggling dieters actually suffer from binge eating disorder, dis-ordered eating and could manage their condition—and lose weight—with the help of a a counsellor or health coach {The Atlantic}

The Condition That is Quietly Sidelining Athletes

Sometimes, as athletes we can take things too far. For many, the female athlete triad has stood in the way of lasting success in sports, but researchers are finally starting to understand the condition better—and help women avoid the long-term consequences {Outside}

A new study brings up two more glaring reasons to avoid hitting the wall in training, especially true for older athletes {Outside}

The Only Diet That Works

The greatest mistake of nutrition and diet is making changes that are not sustainable in the long term. When we don’t have the patience to make gradual shifts, gradual habit change, and a commitment to lifestyle change, then we are doomed to fail. {Breaking Muscle}


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