The 5 Light Bulb Moments That Helped Vivien Return to Her Health Goals

light bulb moment health goals

What for us as humans turns simplicity into something more complicated? 

Amongst the chaos of life we can’t always find simple up front. It takes effort, a slowing down and metaphorically speaking, a peeling of layers of the self. Often, when we look back it was there all along, either hidden among the chaos, or we just didn’t have the right lens. Simplicity is funny like that – sometimes elusive, but almost always present.  Sometimes you just need to know where to look for it, or how to look for it. 
This best sums up my time with Vivien.
Vivien originally came to me for support and guidance with regard to exercise and eating. She found that between her full-time job, running/building a small business on the side and just life in general that she didn’t have much motivation to reach her exercise/weight goals.
We narrowed Viviens’ goals down to being able to naturally make better food choices and to incorporate a sustainable and healthy lifestyle into daily activities. Whilst this may sound easy, Vivien had a pesky track record of not sticking to her exercise/weights goals very well and easily lost focus. She felt she just didn’t have the motivation to reach them.
Coming from a place of disordered eating many years ago, Vivien hasn’t dieted or anything of that nature for a very long time (which is a massive breakthrough and personal triumph for anyone). With this in mind it was important not trigger any old battle wounds.  Never looking for anything she couldn’t maintain, just simply to improve physique, tone, get fit and be healthier. 
Even though Vivien was completing Pilates and yoga between 3 to 4 times a week and really enjoying it, she still felt like it was a battle to get there most days without seeing many physical results. So with a relatively OK diet, not really eating from an emotional perspective, Vivien was at a great place with her relationship with food/body but felt she just needed to focus more effort to be healthier/fitter as well… Which is true, whereas I felt if we honed in more on her mental game and the underlying principles of creating change, all the above would fall into place. 
Welcome to Vivien’s story…

The 5 Light Bulb Moments That Helped Vivien Return to Her Health Goals

There is such wonderful truth in this famous quote by Albert Einstein, Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Now honestly take a moment to really think about that. Think about the truth that’s woven into those words and how very often we might find ourselves in this same situation.

For me I know when I first heard this I had about a million light bulbs go off at once! Oh my gosh! How true is that! No wonder I feel like a mad woman! This quote made me step back and think about all those things I had been trying to achieve but hadn’t quite got there. Believe it or not, no one actually told me you have to take a different route or try a different strategy in order to achieve the thing you haven’t yet achieved. Now you might be thinking I’m strange (no offence taken) but in our daily lives of just being and living 95% (yes 95%) of everything we do is mainly unconscious, meaning that you are only really utilising 5% of your conscious mind to actually make decisions in line with the thing you want to achieve. No wonder I had been chasing my tail!

If your subconscious mind (repetitive behaviours, thoughts, ways of being) is not in line with the things you want to achieve, you will find yourself doing exactly that, the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Because we fall back into our habits, comfortable behaviours and old ways of being, change can seem difficult, hard and require too much time and energy.

Now before you get the Kleenex out here is the good news. We actually have a conscious/thinking mind which means that even though our hardwired neurological patterns mostly win we very much have the ability to make logical, rational decisions in line with all the wonderful things we want to achieve. It’s our ‘thinking’ mind which allows us to dream and create. It’s our ‘thinking’ mind which tells us we can be better, do better, achieve more, create more… It’s that exact ‘thinking’ mind that needs to be worked and flexed to help you achieve your goal.

Below you will find my top 5 Light Bulb Moments, strategies that went on to create huge shifts for me. Don’t be fooled by their simplicity!

Light Bulb Moment #1 – You are not your thoughts

When I first really understood this concept, it changed me. We are not our thoughts. It would be impossible to be every single thing we think. Thoughts that you think (for whatever reason that may be) are just that, thoughts, they actually have NO meaning. The difference between thoughts that become obsessive compulsive that go on change and alter behaviours, moods and ways of being to thoughts that are just thoughts, is the meaning we give to them. It is really that simple. So, read this over and over and let it sink in, once you do that there are some simple steps below to help you put this into action!

  1. Keep a thought journal for a week. You can’t change thoughts if you don’t know what thoughts you want to change. In this exercise, you may identify thoughts or unwanted though patterns (a sequence of thoughts i.e. I will never lose weight, that’s why I’m a failure and can never achieve my goals)
  2. Once you identify the thoughts/thought patterns you want to change the only action you have is to stop the thought/thought process in its tracks… Now at first you may find this hard but I promise it will get easier. The less you flex a muscle the weaker it gets yes? Think of your unwanted thoughts/thought patterns as a muscle, the less you think something, the less you think about it, the less meaning it has, the more probability it will weaken. So, when the thought/thought pattern emerges just stop the process in its tracks, don’t give it meaning or further thought. Just stop the process of completing the thought.
  3. REPEAT (yes you will be doing this all day every day for a while), for me I was literally stopping thought patters in their tracks every minute!

Light Bulb Moment #2 – It is possible to make drastic life changes easier than you think

Now, taking into account the above 3 steps. Guess what happens when you do this consistently?

You create space in your mind to think other thoughts (who would have thought!). So, it becomes easier to create change when you are not spending all your energy on thinking about useless information. You actually create the space (in your mind) to challenge your old ways of thinking and being and you will be surprised at the solutions and outcomes you present to yourself with regards to the old you. 

When you spend all your time thinking and reacting to unwanted thought patterns, there is no time for creativity and new ways of being and change can be hard. But if you follow the above simple steps creating change is much easier than you think!

Stay tuned for light bulb moment #3, #4 and #5 next week!

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