How to Become Conscious of Unconscious Habits

conscious of your unconscious habits

Conscious of your unconscious… Say What Karla? 

To better enable us to understand our crazy habits around health and why we find it hard to commit or sustain lifelong positive behaviours, we need to understand they even exist. As crazy as it sounds (and as you will read below), Vivien approached for me help, unaware of some habitual patterns she didn’t even know existed.  Through support and guidance with regard to exercise and eating, she found that between her full-time job, running/building a small business on the side life was on autopilot.  Together, we nit picked her thoughts and broke down strategies to help work through what beliefs or triggers that were driving her behaviours.

This post is following on from her first post last week  – The 5 Light Bulb Moments That Helped Vivien Return to Her Health Goals, so please read this post first as a beautiful lead in. 

How to Become Conscious of Your Unconscious Habits

Vivien’s story…

So, the question I’m dying to ask is, how did the first 2 light bulb moments change things for you? No doubt you would have picked up on thoughts and thought patterns which are not serving you, I hope the simple action steps provided some clarity on how you can make a change for the better.

Today I wanted to share with you my last 3 light bulb moments, some simple strategies which created huge change for me. Enjoy!

Light Bulb Moment #3 – Become conscious of the unconscious

Beyond our unwanted thoughts and thought patterns we can also have unwanted ways of being and unwanted ways of being includes acting and behaving in ways which are not aligned to that which we want to achieve. We can form destructive repetitive behaviour loops in which we get stuck, and sometimes we don’t even realise we are repeating a series of steps ending in an unwanted outcome. So, you must first become conscious of the unconscious before you can change it.

  1. Detail the health and fitness goal that you are trying to achieve that you haven’t yet been able to.
  2. Now think about your goal and how you might have gone about achieving this before. Write down what has stopped you from achieving the goal. What I mean by this is write down the thoughts, feelings and external influences that have risen time and time again that have played a part in stopping you from achieving the goal. The purpose of this step is to identify any repetitive ways of thinking, being or acting that are not in line with your goal.
  3. Focussing on your external environment is there any specific times, days, events or people which trigger unwanted ways of being that are not in line with your goal? Again, the purpose here is to understand what your triggers and conditioning are. Believe it or not we can condition ourselves to do things and behave in unwanted ways just by being in a certain place or spending time with certain people without even realising it. This type of conditioning is all unconscious and you do things and act in certain ways you don’t even realise in the moment!
  4. Now that you have become conscious of the unconscious, what are you going to change? Detail this specifically and make sure you keep it simple but get clear on what you need to do differently. When the situation arises again, what will be different next time? Or, what can you do differently going into the same situations?

Light Bulb Moment #4 – Feel what you want to feel, now!

What conditions do you have around feeling good? Such as, “I’ll feel wonderful, healthy and fit, amazing when I’m… 5 kilos lighter, consistently go to the gym 5 days a week for a year” blah blah! The crazy constrictive conditions we put around allowing ourselves to feel all the wonderful things we want to feel!

One of the best abilities we have is the ability to choose.  So, if we have choice in anything we do then why can’t we just choose to feel all the wonderful feelings we want to feel now. And guess what happens when you allow yourself to feel good regardless of your external environment? You want to do more and be more because you are allowing yourself to taste the feelings of success and happiness in line with the thing you want to achieve.

Light Bulb Moment #5 – Focus on your daily habits

Whilst being inspired by your goal and end result is great for motivation it doesn’t exactly always last. There is that little thing called life that can sometimes get in the way of doing all those wonderful things we promise ourselves. So, can you see that if we only relied on inspiration and motivation to get ourselves to our goal how that might not be enough? So how can we stay on track to achieve all the things we want to achieve? We need to focus on our daily habits and rituals – the process in which makes up our goal.

If you were required to only perform one or two rituals daily which were crucial to you achieving your goal, can you see how the act of repeating a daily habit would be longer lasting that just being motivated and inspired by the end result of your goal? You are not only performing the rituals that need to be performed to achieve your goal you are creating new neurological pathways in your brain equal to those daily habits and are creating a new way of being. This is so much more powerful when it comes to achieving goals, you are changing your identity and creating a new one equal to what it is you want to achieve.

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