This Week’s Habits, Health and Fitness News You Need to Know #27

It’s time again to share my favourite habits, health and fitness news links that were worthy enough to bookmark. These are the headlines that caught my attention, and offer advice on the principles we often chat about here on Ironmum Karla.

So to get things started the health and fitness news links that caught my eye during the past week are…

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This Week’s Habits, Health and Fitness News You Need to Know 

How My Popular Online Presence Fuelled My Eating Disorder

This is very real and interesting subject that I am finding more and more common in my field as a Health Coach. It was actually a subject that came up with a client this week – How do you stop the diet mentality once you’ve reached your ideal weight? This depends on what measures you went to, and at what cost – but sadly a lot it fuels a compulsion – for social validation. Simple answer – don’t diet and focus more on healthier eating patterns (Thought Catalogue)

Blame Your Bad Habits on This Type of Neuron

I find this research fascinating and something I feel helps everyone to overcome their undesired habits. The more we can fully understand the role the mind plays the more we can actively bring awareness to the problems. (Futurity)

Why Playing a Sport Should Be Your New Workout

This makes complete sense and helps to take the focus off extrinsic goals that wane as we age.  (Time)

Are we Putting Too Much Blame on ‘Emotional Eating’?

Another subject that is close to home. I am sold on the fact that emotional eating stems from restrictive eating habits. But sometimes, it’s the habits that are formed after the initial episode that requires focus and energy to break. (Washington Post)

How To Roast Any Vegetable

This is great, and anything that promotes healthy cooking at home is a winner in my eyes. (Kitchn)

Have a great week! x


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