Habits, Health and Fitness News Catchup #25

It’s time again to share my favourite habits, health and fitness news links that were worthy enough to bookmark.  These are the headlines that caught my attention, and offer advice on the principles we often chat about here on Ironmum Karla.

So to get things started the health and fitness news links that caught my eye during the past week  are…

Habits, Health and Fitness News 

Habits, Health and Fitness News Catchup #25

Goal attainment seems to be about avoiding temptation, not exercising willpower

An interesting article that suggests the path to better self-regulation lies not in increasing self-control but in removing the temptations available in our environment. Remove temptations in the first place and goal success will be greatly increased. {ResearchDigest}

The pickiest of kids ate dozens of new foods after a two-week training devised by a psychologist

For a busy parent who’s exhausted even before a dinner battle begins, it’s easy to feel fatalistic about the way a child responds to food.  This is something I have seen a lot of and quite often parents are quick to dismiss the problem being the child’s when in fact it comes from the parent.  Here’s a shining example of how repeated exposure protocol, to introduce the children to unfamiliar foods in manageable rations during short “taste sessions” has brought results. {Quartz}

Five myths about chronic pain: Why it is not all in the head

Oh, I love this article and further reinstates what I have learnt at Neurophysics about pain management. Pain is like a radio; if you turn up the volume, it does not mean the announcer is speaking louder, it just means that you are amplifying the sound. {ABC News}

Messed Up Eating Habit… Don’t Blame Yourself

And if parenting isn’t hard enough…A new study has bought up further evidence to suggest that a person’s eating habits partly come down to their parents.  Not that we didn’t already know this…right??? {Independent}

Are We Wrong With What Makes Food Healthy?

Ok, so you’ve heard it here first.  Lectins may be coded as the new gluten-free for the back half of 2017. There is some merit to what is being said in this article and I look forward to hearing more on the topic but in the meantime I’ll leave it up to you…Let me know what you think in the comments. {Goop} 


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