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Wow, it has been a few weeks since I have complied my favourite habits, health and fitness news links to share with you all!    These are the headlines that caught my attention, enough to bookmark and share with you here!

So to get things started the health and fitness news links that caught my eye during the past week  are…

This Week in Habits, Health and Fitness News #22

The best fruits to eat if you want to avoid a sugar high

This is a popular topic of conversation that pops up with my clients. Counting sugar grams is the new black so this article helps to clear up the murkiness a little {Well+Good}

Goal attainment seems to be about avoiding temptation not exercising willpower

Yes, yes, yes! A study to confirm that humans are weak-willed and to make it easy on ourselves we need to avoid temptation. Don’t fight the devil on your shoulder, outwit him. Willpower is something we talk regularly about here 😉 {ResearchDigest}

I’m A Nutritionist. Here Are 3 Things I Wish I’d Learned About Food At School

Oh my, this article resonated with me so much I was cheering!  By letting your BODY dictate more of your decisions instead of your intellect, is an amazing revelation for all. {MindBodyGreen}

Sweet Potato Brownies

This recipe is bookmarked to try this week.  From the I quit sugar stable, it looks like it will be  a treat! {IQuitSugar}

Simplifying the Brain 

A powerful post that explores the brain and how we should not be afraid nor intimidated to delve into understanding more for ourselves {Neurophysics}


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