My Top 3 Base Habits And How They Help Keep Me In Check

base habits

Isn’t it great news to hear that our perceptions about dieting and weight loss are finally changing?  Fad diet programs and theories that rocked the 80’s are finally being laid to rest while we look inward and towards our lifestyle and food habits.

Usually for a change to occur, it’s awareness, driven by a need that creates a platform. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy sailing from here on in, but it sure does make it a heck of lot easier if there are some core motivators you can tap into. This is where base habits enter the picture but we will chat about them shortly.

Many of us, often fall into the trap of

1. Deciding to lose body fat

2. Reduce food intake and limit certain food groups

This sounds good in theory and looks great on paper but for lasting change, understanding the right formula is super critical. Why it’s common that the dieting cycle repeats itself over and over again throughout life? It’s because we haven’t changed the way we approach the beliefs about ourselves nor committed to strategies.

Want to know a little secret into what the missing puzzle piece is in any long-lasting weight maintenance is?

It’s all about tapping into the choices you make and why

Forget about what’s on your plate and take a step back for a while and focus more on the decisions and choices you make.

It’s a little overwhelming to come face to face with why old habits exist.  I’ve talked before about why relying on willpower just doesn’t cut it. If there is one thing you should do it is to take your focus back a notches bringing few self realisation moments that bring clarity enabling you to move forward.

In regards to my wellness coaching, this is probably the most important area I focus on with females. It can take a while to develop new habits but more importantly new habits you enjoy.  This is why understanding your underlying motives and needs can help you to release what is perhaps years of yoyo dieting and unsuccessful weight loss attempts.

The good news is that once a few ‘base’ habits are created, then you don’t have to be a goody two shoes 100% of the time to feel to benefits. Sure, consistency is a word I love to use especially  when chasing a successful outcome. But, if you can gain an understanding of what to do when you need to return to better habits (or to get back on track after a slip) then that’s one feather in your weight loss cap.

Holidays, work pressures and celebrations all throw a spanner in the works, which is great and we all need these to better ourselves long-term but also how can ‘base’ habits can be your best friend?

creating habits

My weight fluctuates between 2-3 kilos and it’s amazing how easily I can feel just 1 extra kilo around my torso. I know by just returning to my base habits after a holiday or busy period (or slack) can make me feel grounded and on top of things again.

Over the years I have learnt  a few core habits that I feel help me to return to and maintain what I feel is my natural state of weight.

My 3 Favourite Base Habits

The first one is to reduce the mindless snacking that can come with working from home most days. This comes from having that confronting conversation with one self as to the reason it is happening (I am actually hungry, bored or acting out of habit).

The second one is being mindful of my sugar intake.  This is something that can easily creep up and become an everyday norm.  A nibble of a bikkie hear, a piece of chocolate there… if it is happening a couple of times a day then it’s time to bring awareness back. It’s helpful here to look at stress as a source and to include mediation or relaxation in the day. Slowing down helps.

The third one is upping my water intake (especially now its entering summer) which helps to reduce hunger pains, that may be confused for dehydration while focussing on my meal portions that sometimes creep up during high volume endurance training.

Did you notice that not one of these relates to the actual food that is on my plate? These are called non- dietary habits and the most powerful tools you can have in any lasting weight maintenance effort. It’s kinda like a reprogramming what you know your body responds to best plus taking the time to listen to your body, trust your gut (and I’m taking at a deeper level) and connecting with yourself again.

Sure I have dietary habits I always revert back to which include upping my salad and veggies after holidays etc but it gives you an example of why it’s not just the food on your plate that makes the difference.

What are some “base” habits you revert back to after derailment?

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