Habits, Health And Fitness News #21

Welcome to my  gathering of habits, health and fitness news links for this week.  These are the headlines that caught my attention, enough to bookmark and share with you

So to get things started the health and fitness news links that caught my eye during the past week  are…

health, habits and fitness news

Habits, Health and Fitness News You’ll Love #20

Think Less to Think Better

The opposite to what you may originally thought.  A clutter mind is not an engaged mind and for this reason we all should be unloading {NYTimes}

How to Always Choose the Best Recipe

Ah paralyse from analysing what is on the menu for dinner is enough to send you straight for takeout. Here’s a few handy tips to make the decision easier {MindBodyGreen}

Procrastination – What Helps Your Kids and What Doesn’t

Often we have to term things differently for our kids to take action, what works for adults needs a little tweaking to overcome procrastinating children. {PsychCentral}

It’s The Other 23 Hours That Count

So you think exercising for an hour a day is enough to tick off all the boxes? Well, it depends on your goals… thinking about your posture for the other 23 hours (when you’re not asleep) can make massive changes to your sporting goals and ward off joint  positioning injuries {BreakingMuscle}

Breaking up From Harmful Patterns from Childhood

A powerful post that explores life and how it reflects on every decision we make.. or are they just reactions?, {Goop}

Coconut Vanilla Baked Custard

This recipe had me at the word coconut – perfect little warming treat {ThatSugarFilm}

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