Health, Habits And Fitness News #20

Welcome to my  gathering of health, habits and fitness news links for this week, I know you’ll enjoy. 

These are the wellness news headlines that caught my eye this  past week that I knew I just had to bookmark for later reading .. and to share with you because I know you will find them interesting too!

So to get things started the health and fitness news links that caught my eye during the past week that I just had to bookmark are…

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Health, Habits and Fitness News You’ll Love #20

How many hard paddle workouts can I handle a week?

It’s a question that just keeps on swirling around… Why? Because we like to believe that we can push ourselves harder and harder but the reality is still the same {Riding Bumps}

Spot-Specific Fat Loss Works (But Not How You Think)

The three most common problem areas for body fat distribution in women are the stomach, the thighs, and the hips.  This raises alarm bells around hormones and this article gives a great run down why {Breaking Muscle}

The Secret to Maintaining and Building Your Mental Strength

While we can’t always change what happens to us, we can change how we respond. Here is a great video of what it takes to be mentally strong. {Inertia}

Is Success In The Eye Of The Beholder Or An Inner Feeling?

I love Aeon’s articles because they really challenge my ways of thinking, this post is no different and will leave you pondering {Aeon}

How Choosing Must Over Have Is the Key To Happiness

The drive of things we must do comes from within and is linked to a deeper calling. We all face the crossroads of should and must on a daily basis {MindBodyGreen}

Coconut Ginger Broth With Spring Vegetables

A not too shabby broth that will fill you up! {MindBodyGreen}

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