5 Low Sugar Recipes Toddlers Will Love

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The quality of a toddler or child’s diet today can be horrifying, with processed and high sugar foods extremely prevalent. With a genuine interest and concern with today’s child obesity problem, my girls are providing me with hands on experience… And challenges.

We are faced with time restraints and convenience of prepackaged and junk foods that are branded to be healthy until closer inspection, all to the detriment of our kids.  Things have changed since I was a child.  My mother prepared no ‘quick’ meals, with the help of microwaves, nor did she pop out for take away.  It was a daily process of being planned and providing the best that you could afford. Fitting toddlers meals into ones the whole family can enjoy is the key to making life simpler. Meals low in trans fats and low in sugar should form the basis of recipes.

Making the time to prepare food for toddlers and a shopping list of healthy staples for the kitchen is all part of being a parent. Leave the ‘treats’ for parties and grandma’s house and remind your children to be respectful of their bodies by eating healthy foods.

When preparing toddler food, including ingredients that are close to their natural form as possible is a good rule of thumb. Some prefer to prepare separate meals for their children but I always felt this wasn’t a sustainable habit I wanted to form.  Finding recipes that the whole family can eat is the secret to long term success, including meals that easily adapt to being toddler friendly or finger foods.  

It is within the child’s first couple of years that determine if they are going to be ‘fussy eaters’.  This should be seen as a window of opportunity for you to expose your child to every possible different type of fruit and vegetable and have them accustomed to them.  Once total independence comes along, experiencing new foods is hard to achieve.  Even more so when they have been exposed to what is out there in ‘fat and sugar land’.

Babies are born with a natural tendency to favour sweet flavours – this assists in the acceptance of breast milk. For this reason it makes sense to focus on expanding the savoury palate while reducing the reliance on added sweetness at each meal.

*This post was bought to you by Heinz, although all views and opinions are my own.

5 Low Sugar Recipes Toddlers Will Love

 Tasty little morsels that are perfect for little hands to hold
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The whole family will love waking up to this for breakfast
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Sweetness in the form of whole fruit without refined sugars
applemuffins 599x449 599x449 - 5 Low Sugar Recipes Toddlers Will Love
A great all in one snack or quick meal
balls 599x400 599x400 - 5 Low Sugar Recipes Toddlers Will Love
A classic side dish or vegetarian option the whole family can enjoy
DSC08431 599x463 - 5 Low Sugar Recipes Toddlers Will Love
Can often be added as an add on to homemade toddler recipes or snacks so it’s flexible in its role in the household, alternatively it can be served as a complete nutritious meal. All ingredients used are high quality and Heinz aims to source, where possible, their ingredients from right here in Australia. You can rest assure it’s only the ‘good stuff’ that goes into Heinz, steam cooked recipes and taste and texture is provided at each specific age stage.

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It is not a hard script to follow, keep it simple and close to nature as you can.  Make eating fruit and vegetables fun for your kids. Grow a vegetable patch in your backyard, and let them assist you with the preparing and cooking of meals.  Let them take ownership and be proud of what they have created, and then the ‘fruits of your labor’ will follow.

Do you remember what you used to eat when you were young?  Do you think it shaped your eating patterns for later in life?




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