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Welcome to my  gathering of health, habits and fitness news links for this week, I know you’ll enjoy. 

These are the wellness news headlines that caught my eye this  past week that I knew I just had to bookmark for later reading .. and to share with you because I know you will find them interesting too!

So to get things started the health and fitness news links that caught my eye during the past week that I just had to bookmark are…

health , habits and fitness news

Health, Habits and Fitness News You’ll Love #19

How Turn Your Fitness Goal into A Lifestyle

Many people who accomplish short-term goals get a rush of achievement in the moment but don’t create the behavioral changes needed to maintain and improve. Here’s how to turn it into a lifetime thing… {The Washington Post}

How I Want My Kids To Think About Their Bodies

A beautifully crafted letter one parent has written to their children for the day they are able to read it {Washington Post}

Nutrition Guidelines for a Half Ironman Triathlon

For any event 4 to 7 hour long, nutrition can be an incredibly important factor. In shorter distance triathlons you can get away with making some nutrition mistakes, but during a half distance triathlon, it is more likely that you will be punished for nutrition errors. {Jeukendrup}

Hacks to Help Curb Cravings

While you needn’t militantly adhere to an eating schedule, these seven meal-timing hacks become the perfect formula to diminish hunger and cravings while permanently banishing that refuse-to-vacate belly fat. {MindBodyGreen}

Swimming To Lose Weight, You Might Need To Read This

From a fat-loss perspective, swimming has some real negatives compared to other forms of exercise.” {ABCNews}

Low Sugar Baked Vanilla Custard

Great family dessert that is gluten free and dairy free {That Sugar Film}

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