Is Self-Tracking All It’s Cracked Up Top Be? + Win Your Own Runtastic Fitness Tracker

runtastic moments

In the age of the ‘quantified self’ we are a society that is moving more and more towards taking on board responsibility for our own wellbeing.

Sure, the modern age has presented a gazillion ways to help us do this, but without a doubt self-tracking is the most popular.

Admittedly I have taken up the fad late, (of last week actually) in order to test run the runtastic moment fitness tracker.  Like anything, tracking your fitness comes down to changing your habits. Not hugely but the daily uploading of your data can be enough to make you accountable to your health goals.  Whether it’s catching more ZZZ’s, increasing your steps each day or being reminded to keep up movement throughout the day, fitness trackers are definitely purposeful. It’s nice to see some feedback on your day, with the aspect of it being socially motivating.

Data is not something I get drawn to (can you believe that?) – I do prefer to keep things free and fanciful without my thought into the speed, distance, calories etc but it’s kind of cool to track my incidental movement on a daily basis. Who knew school drop offs and pick ups can add up to nearly 1.5km of walking?

Becoming too caught up in statistics is something my personality could easily fall prey to, so the simplicity of the design of my runtastic watch was a bonus. Analysis by paralysis could also come into play when dealing with trackers so my advice would be to take it as it comes and view your week as a whole and not day by day.

If you’re someone who is looking for something to help push you to make changes to your habits then a fitness tracker is for you. Personally I’m quite self motivated but curious at the same time to see where a fitness tracker fits into my lifestyle.

So who’s up for the challenge?  Who wants to win their own Runtastic Orbit fitness tracker?

win runtastic orbit



Fine print.. Must be an Australian resident. You have ‘liked’ my facebook page (this is where I will be announcing the winner) Leave a post comment below. The winners have 48 hours to claim the prize by emailing me or it will be redraw. Competition closes on Friday 26th February 2016 at midnight EST. This is a game of skill, entry’s are judged with the most creative winner being selected at the judges discretion. Please make sure there is a valid email address left so I can contact you should you win, otherwise prize will be forfeited. Only 1 entry per person (sharing on facebook allowed:)





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  • I have loved training for Swim to Rotto but I have not tracked my progress. Would be great to know how I am going. Now I just have to decide what event I want to compete in next!!

    • How did you go? The conditions looked great 😉 x

      • The conditions were great so we should have done a better time but the main thing is we made it!!

  • Charmaine Connolly

    ‘Who doesn’t want to track their happiest moments?’… well I certainly do…this little run tracker would be a rather BIG deal for myself to win….I am currently clawing myself out of a two year battle with a thyroid problem that has wiped myself not only emotionally but physically and now with the help of medication, a gluten free diet (Thankyou Karla for the lovely recipes) and a fitness goal of a half marathon in August I am finding myself again 🙂 …the icing on the cake would be the runtastic orbit monitoring my fitness goals, tracking my fitness goals and sleep (recovery is a new word I have to embrace for my body to repair another sneaky reason why this prize would be a big deal for me!!).

    • Hi Charmaine
      Oh, your story has twinged my heartstrings! A runtastic orbit is coming your way. Please email me with your postal address. Thanks for entering!

      • Charmaine Connolly

        Doing little cartwheels of excitement…thankyou 🙂

  • fongt

    I am definitely wanting to self-track – there are so many benefits.

    At first I was free flowing and just exercised and didn’t keep track of my reps and sets.

    I started keeping track and I could see all the benefits such as improved muscle tone and strength.

    But I found at times counting and writing in a book your sets and reps was a bit of an effort. I know it sounds lazy but after a hard days at work I just wanted to head outside and start my workout. The Runtastic Orbit would be amazing! It is much needed in everyone’s life. If I didn’t have it I would probably run so far I would be lost in space and in a whole different orbit.

    (R)unning free and



    (T)o worry

    (A)s your activity, steps, distance covered as well as

    (S)leep pattern is all

    (T)racked and monitored.

    (I)dle notifications help remind you of your progress.

    (C)omplement your fitness and lifestyle with the


    (R)unning out of battery, not for a while, with Runtastic Orbit’s long lasting
    battery and not to mention

    (B)luetooth capabilities!

    (I)t’s also water proof so it’s time to

    (T)rack yourself and your progress with the Runtastic Orbit

  • sapna

    Now that my son is two years old – i am trying to loose all the weight i gained during pregnancy and breastfeeding time. I have started running 5k three times a week – winning my own Runtastic tracter would be a great motivation for me to continue my running , achieve my goal to stay healthy and fit and be a good role model for my son.

    • Thanks for entering Sapn, good luck with your running – you’re on the right track!!

  • marypreston

    The Runtastic Orbit fitness tracker would encourage me to get up, get out and get moving.

    • marypreston


  • Lydelle

    I would like to self track now that i’m finally allowed to run and I can actually walk without a limp now!

    • Hay Lydelle, that is great news you can now run again, phew long road to recovery..take it easy xx