7-Week Program – The Karla Gilbert Method

kjarla gilbert method

I thought I would share a snippet from the 7 Week Program – The Karla Gilbert Method  – to help give you a better idea of where I’m coming from because so many of you have asked!

As I tell everyone, this is not a traditional weight loss or crazy fitness regime, I go much deeper and dig out all the good stuff that is going to help create the change. I think we are all waking up to the fact that quick fix programs don’t work and that incorporating the body as a whole while utilising the mind is definitely the way to move forward.

Here is a sneak peak from one of my pre-course emails that is sent out after joining up. Emails are automatically sent out at 6am each morning for 7 weeks – with readings to instigate change and activities to help reinforce new habits



Eating healthy and exercising regularly is a lifestyle based on a deeper meaning, not what you do on a whim because you want a quick way to lose weight and look good.

Even if you know what’s right in creating a healthier lifestyle, why has it failed you in the past?

Anyone who has made a change for the better has started with a reason WHY and kept this at the forefront of their mind to help create lasting change. It’s kind of like turning a switch on and checking to make sure it’s still on. This is what will ultimately drive you.

Fitness, for example, is one of my foundation habits that helps the rest of my daily life fall into place. I sleep better, choose healthier foods, and have a more purposeful and productive day. S#*t just gets done! If I don’t get a serving of activity in my day, it’s like trying to jumpstart a car. It takes a while to get going and may sputter and stop a few times in the process.

What are your foundation habits that lead you towards living your best life? Now’s the time to work on them. It will help to tap into your core belief system, which are ideas we have about ourselves, the future, others and the world around us. Whether they are truth or reality, they can be positive or negative.

Perhaps you have a few negative beliefs swirling around such as:

“I don’t have the willpower to stop eating chocolate.”


“I am too lazy to exercise.”

These are ingrained beliefs that actually make up your identity, limiting your potential and leading to worthlessness and failure. Sure, it can be hard to lop a tree down that’s been standing for many decades, but when you can truly let go and release these limiting thoughts, you will discover the real ‘you’ and become a much lighter and happier person. This is why it’s critical that we work on changing these traits before we start. In some cases, there are some deeply rooted beliefs that can only be addressed with the help of a professional, but mostly are changed on your own.

Here are some examples of how to reverse these beliefs into more positive ones:

“I do have the control and willpower to overcome many things in my life.” (aka chocolate)


“I am not a lazy person and have succeeded at many things in my life.”

It’s natural you’ll have some good and bad days throughout our time together, but acknowledging the different reasons why this is so and not falling in a heap and returning to old habits and past core beliefs is important.

Some handy tips to help you stay on top the way you think:

  • Keep and record a daily journal of all the healthy behaviours you’ve successfully done during the day. This will reinforce and strengthen your new beliefs.
  • Create a vision board that relates to your healthy new habits and goals and hang them somewhere that you cannot help but notice on a daily basis.
  • Meditation, relaxation and visualisation is extremely helpful in generating new thought processes. There are many guided videos on YouTube.
  • Acknowledge the old beliefs if they arise, but don’t let them rule. Simply postponing an action or thought will give you time to effectively and consciously control the behaviour. Remove the impulse and reframe and refocus your mind. Instead of, “Oh, man, I feel like a bowl of ice cream,” say “I can have some later if I really still feel like it.” Most often you won’t.

It’s time to stop the negative thoughts and feelings and to become consciously aware of promoting positive and constructive thoughts. This is where life dramatically changes.

Nothing good happens without awareness. If you want to improve the daily decisions you make, then it needs to begin with awareness, no matter how cognisant you think you are. With this in mind, we are going to challenge your way of thinking with worksheets and questions over the next couple of weeks.

The first few weeks of the Karla Gilbert Method will establish the foundation to build upon. Remember, we’re not dieting or embarking on some crazy boot camp, which will lead us down the same destructive path. Our aim is to bring vitality and a feeling of amazement back into your life that often results from weight loss. The bigger picture is your long-term formation of awesome healthy habits that short-term restrictive diets don’t address. It’s about time you took back control of your life and harnessed your power.

Now, I want to be clear from the beginning. You may be content with what I’m sharing or find that I’ve triggered part of you that wants to learn more. Think of anyone you know that has taken control of their wellness. It is a process of self-discovery, which is why I encourage you to not only rely on what I am suggesting but to explore your own individualised wellness blueprint.

There is no point in sailing along simply thinking that following this method will make magic happen. You have to want it to happen. Have you reached the point where you want to actually make some changes and make a difference in your current life, perhaps even to your family’s? The deeper you tap into your why, the more powerful the result you will achieve. Think about who you’re going to inspire, share life with and how you’ll feel once you make the changes you’re after. Let’s make that flick of the switch now.


So, as you can see with the small snippet from this email, the first couple of emails are quite powerful but motivational at the same time.  From my time spent working with 1:1 clients, this has given me the knowledge to design up a program to tap into successful change for YOU. With habits, as with happiness and all good things in life, the secret is to figure it out ourselves. Here is your chance!

Did you catch my email last week? How to Avoid Resolution Fail, And What You Can Do About It…  this also explains more about the program.

karla gilbert program


If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask away! 

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