My Fave Bora Bora Photos + Win A Christmas Giveaway, WD Digital Storage Worth $579.98

With out as doubt, memories are born from emotional experiences.  Our most impressionable memories stem from life changing events such as out of the ordinary or significant moments during our life.

Quite often, memories from holidays and vacations fall into this category. Because we are generally in a positive frame of mind and living in the moment, we tend to take more notice of the little things as our pace and mind slows down.

Our memory is a triggered response from a reconstruction of the past. It’s an image, a feeling or a thought which we have constructed and organised with our minds in the present. Photo’s help us recreate this feelings which is why capturing and reflecting on holiday snaps brings feelings of happiness and calm.

Speaking of calm, this past week I was super lucky enough to be asked to visit Tahiti for the Bora Bora Ironmana Liquid Festival.  Now, I have been to Fiji’s outer islands, visited Hawaii and explored Maui plus our own Whitsundays but nothing prepared me for the sheer beauty of this magical part of the world.  Even though I was participating in waterman/woman style events to test every nerve of the body and mind it was not enough to take my focus off the vast shades of oceans blue or Jurassic park like mountainous scenery.

In short Bora Bora blew my mind. Remote, yes but this is what makes it what it is. Once you step away from the 5 star resorts there is no commercialism and you feel detached from the world like never before.

We had some of the worlds best water photographers follow us for the week, so I look forward to seeing these shots but in the meantime please allow me to share a couple of my fave shots from my trip

Bora Bora Photos

bora bora aerial photo


These days – you can’t be too careful keeping your memories safe while holidaying . It is VERY easy to misplace or damage your camera while out and about (or even accidently delete them), which is why it is wise to do a backup of your files each night.  Personally, we always travel with a WD My Ultra Passport, portable portage device. They are super light and more compact than a small novel.  Speaking of novels we also have a WD My Cloud setup at home where all my eBooks and kids movies are stored so we can access these at any time.  It pays to have a tech loving husband 😉

To thankyou for being such a cool community at Ironmum Karla, WD Digital have given me a prize pack worth $579.98 so you can too safely store all your digital memories these holidays.


WD giveaway

To enter, make sure you simply leave a comment below on what your most memorable holiday snap has been to date….

Winners will drawn and contacted December 16 2015 12pm AEST, so please make sure you leave an email address or I wont be able to contact you! One entry per person only. Good luck!


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  • My most memorable holiday snap is at Cable Beach in Broome and my 18 month old daughter is rubbing sand on her dads legs while he is watching the sunset over the water. They were both just so relaxed and enjoying their surroundings.

  • Will

    My favourite would probably be a wide angle shot of the Berlin Wall. The whole trip was full of so many powerful memories and whenever I see that one image the just flash back to me

    • Wow, I bet it brings up emotions every time you look at this picture Will! Thanks for commenting!

  • Lydelle

    My favourite holiday snap is the first time I tried stand up paddle boarding at Finns beach in bali it was a overcast day and everything is so dark and grey.

  • Ben Lane

    Mine would have to be making it to the world famous Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, so chaotic, yet it works! And there’s a line to get into the starbucks that overlooks it! A must do if you ever get to Tokyo!

    • I love it Ben! The only ones really in the moment while everyone around you is rushing!

      • Ben Lane

        Such a hectic city, like Sydney on steroids!

  • Dave Stasinowsky

    We were in kalgoorlie western Australia. We had a beautiful secluded camping spot, that was near a large dam that was hand built by the old time miners. I have a photo of my wife, kids and our staffy at the waters edge. Many years ago! But held fondly in my heart.

    • Oh this sounds like such a special moment. We grow older but memories never die 😉

  • Renee Aulert

    My favourite holiday snap would be of hubby and i swimming with the sharks at the very same spot u are at… Bora Bora… I will never forget that place. The colour of the water just has to be seen to be believed!

    • Oh, yes I forgot you guys went here! It is something special huh, and everywhere you turn it is postcard perfect. Catch you guys over the holidays xx

  • Nick McDonald

    My favourite holiday snap is Krabi with my wife, paddling all around the islands with our Naish ONE inflatable sups. Great pictures and memories.

    • Oh I bet sounds great, what a great way to explore that part of the world!!

      • Congrats Nick you have won the comp, this photo is great! What is your email address?

        • Nick McDonald

          My email is thanks Karla. What a great comp. and love your web page.

          • Nick McDonald

            Here are a couple more shots from that same trip…the freedom a sup gives you in these islands is awesome. You land in a busy tourist beach, paddle for ten minutes and you are alone.

          • Oh wow, how good are inflatable sup’s (especially the naish one) they really let you explore amazing places around the world without the hassles!!

  • Tina

    On remote Skellig Michael, off the west coast of Ireland, in driving horizontal rain watching Puffins, the clowns of the sea, take off and land. A magical experience and, amazingly, got some fantastic photos as well.

  • Lucy

    Gosh so many memories – tough to pick between pre and post kids?!?! I guess most poignant is Pete and I overlooking the ice rink in Central Park New York, we’d only been together 6wks and yet at that moment I knew he was the guy for me – that was 12yrs ago! Our first holiday, it was also the day I’d decided I wanted to give marathon running a go and bought all my gear in NYC for the London marathon x

  • Erica Rebel

    Dalhousie Springs, South Australia, next to the Simpson Desert, it is a long tough journey to get there, the tracks loved eating my tyres, dust storms, extreme heat, dingoes going through camp, red dirt from heat to toe, over everything, a billion stars at night, stories around the campfire, hikes into the Desert, the whole place is magical and spiritual. It’s really an Oasis in the middle of red dirt far as your eyes can see, no phone or internet coverage, left us stranded for a few hours, but it was fine, our friends had gone ahead to camp and came back eventually. My favourite photo, out of the thousands I backed up to my old WD Passport, which fills up pretty quick, is the one that took the most effort. Quietly sneaking down to the Hot Springs in the dark before Sunrise, trying not to wake anyone, getting in the water where the little fish nibble at your feet, patiently waiting, through the steam you see a faint glow, slowly the sun rises, the colours on the water, combined with the steam, the hue over the Simpson Desert, through the few trees that surround the Springs something I’ll never forget and the photo or photos are unique, as every morning it’s different. It’s take an effort to get there and you have to be prepared for anything, but it is thoroughly worthwhile and if you like Starry Sky Photos, you struggle to get better, but that’s a story for another time. 🙂