5 Of My Fave Summer Wellbeing Essentials

Having a few little items you can rely on while building up your wellness routine can make the world of difference.

I don’t place a lot of value on materialist items and will make do where I can but sometimes just having a few small items can make life and your health goals much more achievable.

Of course a lot of what we find useful can come down to each persons budget, but here are a few items that I thought I would share.. with a few deals that you also can take advantage of.

My Summer Wellbeing Essentials

  1. Luxe Fitness

six30 sportswear

With the weather warming up the layers are coming off, Luxe Fitness is offering the Ironmum Karla community 20% off with the code : ironmumkarla at the checkout.

All the awesome designers are in the one spot and I especially love my SIX30 midnight mesh crop and 3/4 compression tight for yoga and SUP’ing in.

2. Sharp Car Ioniser

sharp car ioniser

Now this little beauty was gifted to me during winter but it just keeps on impressing me… What was helpful to help filter nasty airborne viruses while we were in the car (good ole’ kindy immunity building) is now coming in handy to filter out spring allergies or any unpleasant doggy smells that linger.  I am not really a fan of ‘smelly’ things like perfumes or air fresheners that contain chemicals so this is the perfect answer.  Now, if only I could adjust to take on plane travel… More details on the Sharp Ion generator

Mod Cold Press Juicer

mod cold press

Some days it’s just too hot to sit down to a full meal and this can leave us a little nutritionally challenged. Hello summer juicing!

I wrote about the benefits of cold press before and why it is different to traditionally juicing and this machine is just so damn easy to use. Again, there is a super offer going for the Ironmum Karla community of $25 off any Mod cold press machine. Find the link in the sidebar

Naish SUP

naish alana

Woo hoo, its time to get back out on the water and what better way is there to do it than being on a standup paddle board. Yes, I may be a little biased with my board brand choice but Naish are one of the few companies that make SUP specific boards for women in their Alana range. Check it out and feel free to email with any SUP questions you may have!

Project Sparta

project sparta

I am super pumped about being an ambassador for the unique gym at Burleigh Project Sparta that includes altitude training rooms and cutting edge equipment that will blow your mind. The best part? 100% of the income (your membership fees) goes to Australian charity PROJECT FUTURES, to fund projects like the Child Wise National Child Abuse Prevention Help Line in Australia and safe houses in both Cambodia and Australia that rehabilitate, educate and empower women.  The membership is limited to 300 (no waiting for equipment) so be quick.

* Yes, I do have affiliations with these products but I only share what I fully endorse and believe in.


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