4 Tips To Have Your Smelly Workout Gear Smelling Fresh!


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There is quite possibly nothing worse than popping on your supposedly clean workout wear and it still smelling like the last workout.

With the temperatures rising so does the sweat factor and sweat is good, we like sweat, it let’s us know we are working and leaves us with a healthy glow.

BUT what we don’t want is the stench to take up residency in our workout gear that tends to come with repetitive non specific washing habits.  Believe me, I have learned the hard way !

What we first need to understand is that most workout gear  is designed to REPEL water…Yep, that’s right……all the fancy schmancy fabrics out there designed to NOT hold sweat but to wick and quickly dry which is perfect…just not when you are trying to get into the fabric fibres to clean them. Another point to note is that body oil, sweat, grime and fabric softeners, coat the fabrics fibres which make them hard to deep clean with a regular clothes detergent…which is why we need a little diligence with our much loved workout gear.

So, what do you do to keep the fresh factor in your workout gear? A bit of attention needs to be turned to combat the stinky socks, bras and shirts and here’s how…

This post is inspired and sponsored by the lovely folk at Vanish, but all opinions and views are my own

5 ways to keep you smelly workout gear smelling fresh

Don’t leave your clothes in the laundry hamper or gym bag all damp and sweaty.

This will just make matters worse and allow the smell and sweat stains to penetrate and totally sink into the fibres making it extra hard to clean.  If you’re not washing straight away let them air dry or soak them until you are washing.

Pre-treat smelly shirt armpits with a pre-wash spray

Before you throw them in the machine, ensure stain removal is a goner by spritzing each armpit (on the shirt not yours) with a pre-wash spray or leave to soak in a fabric stain removal powder. Alternatively add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the RINSE cycle or 1 cup baking soda to the WASH cycle.  You don’t want to be adding the vinegar in the wash cycle or else it will counteract the detergent.

Pop the culprits in the freezer

This will kill off any smell on your shirts etc (put them in a freezer bag for hygiene reasons) until you have time to clean them properly.

Turn your clothes inside out

Before they go in the wash… Where it needs the most cleaning due to our body oil and sweaty armpits

Remember that lycra needs to be dried on the line away from the sun without chemicals to enjoy a long life;)

Enjoy this summer with fresh sweats!

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