Wellness News You’ll Love #13

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Welcome to my gathering of wellness news links I know you’ll enjoy. 

These are the headlines that caught my eye this  past week that I knew I just had to bookmark for later reading .. and to share with you because I know you will find them interesting too!

So to get things started the wellness news links that caught my eye during the past week that I just had to bookmark are:

Wellness News You’ll Love #13

How The Paleolithic Diet Got Trendy

This is a very indepth article about the history of eating paleo and how, on the timescale of evolutionary history, paleo enthusiasts note, agriculture is a fad. {StoneSoup}

Cheat Sheet: Turmeric’s Amazing Health Benefits and Easy Recipes

There is a lot of talk around turmeric at the moment but what is all the fuss about and how can turmeric improve our wellbeing? {Welland Good}

5 Totally Valid Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Exercise

Yep, instead of telling you (again) why you should be exercising, this article looks at the flip side as to why (more when) you shouldn’t. {BreakingMuscle}

Low-Carb…Carbs? Hack Your Rice With Coconut Oil + Recipe

I’m a bit of a fan of Dave Asprey and his theories, and what he has found happens when you cook rice with coconut oil might blow your mind! {Bulletproof}

Recipe: Zucchini Noodles with Tomatoes and Corn

I just bought a vegetable spiralizer off e-bay and this recipe is my first cab off the rank in making vegetable ‘noodles’ {TheKitchn}

Now it’s your turn .. anything jumped out at you this week?

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