My top 3 healthy little wins that make life better

sealord1 - My top 3 healthy little wins that make life better

As parents we can’t promise our children the earth. What we can do is try and make life that little bit better.  

I know that positivity breeds positivity, and positivity stems from little wins along the way. Not in the competition sense but little wins that make us take note and be thankful for the present moment.

When you think about it, we have little wins every day. A smile from a loved one to someone letting you in during rush hour traffic to sitting on your deck with the family watching the sun go down. Little things we take for granted, but if we stop and acknowledge them, life is bigger, more fulfilled and that little bit more awesome.

Having good food is a little win. Healthy, tasty and good, that’s a great win. Scoring a car park at school pickup time – now that’s a little win, and so is when a line at the checkout opens up and you’re first to unload . In fact for any parent, anything that saves us time and our sanities are little but massive wins.

Just to let you know this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

These are my top 3 healthy little wins that make life better

  1. Finding a healthy treat/meal that the kids love.

How good is it when you come across a recipe that ticks all the nutritional boxes plus it’s a winner with the kids.  Even better when you begin collecting a whole weeks worth!

  1. Creating a healthy meal in no time

I have a few favourite healthy meals I call upon on busy days that take no time to pull together. Kids love frozen fish and I often choose Sealord, because they are made from real hoki fish fillets, (not processed, pretend fish) taste great without compromising convenience. Hoki has a mild taste compared to other fish but we do alternate with salmon because they are both very nutritious. What I also like about Sealord is that the fish is caught sustainably off New Zealand Waters and is MSC certified which aligns with my values.

sealord2 599x430 - My top 3 healthy little wins that make life better

  1. Seeing your children set the example

There is nothing better than seeing your young children take on board what you have told them about nutrition while putting it into action. Perhaps it is choosing a healthy sandwich over a pie or turning down second helpings of cake at a birthday. It’s reassuring to know that once you’re out of sight, you’re presence still lingers in their minds with what you’ve taught them.

What are your high yielding ‘little wins’ when it comes to meal times?

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