Health and fitness news links to love #7

health and fitness news

Welcome to my gathering of health and fitness news links to love.  These are the headlines that popped out at me during the past week that I just had to bookmark for later reading .. and to share with you all because I know you will find them interesting too!

So to get things started the news links that caught my eye during the past week that I just had to bookmark are:

10 reasons you’re hotter after you’ve had kids

Ha, I loved this one, why you’re more appealing now you’ve had kids.. I know I’m a much better person from having kids (goodbye selfish athlete!) {Babble}

8 probiotic foods you should be eating

There are a lot of health benefits from adding in probiotic foods to our diets. Today, because of refrigeration and dangerous agricultural practices like soaking our foods with chlorine, our food contains little to no probiotics and most foods today actually contain antibiotics which kill off the good bacteria in our bodies. {Dr. Axe}

Why everyone should consider going “Pegan”

Somewhere between Paleo and Vegan is the Pegan.. which combines both diets’ strengths and focuses on real, whole, fresh, sustainably raised food. Here is the common ground.. {MindBodyGreen}

Braised mexican chicken

Delicious, simple and made in the slow cooker {Goop}

Contaminated foods causing dangerous health effects

So since THE berry scare I have been like a super sleuth checking the origin of everything that goes in my trolley. Did you know 104 products in the past 6 months failed to pass the food testing standards. This article scares me even more and reiterates that we stick to home grown produce!

What do you think? Anything here you find interesting?

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