5 ways to boost energy levels naturally

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There has been so much said lately about how our café society is part to blame for a lot of overstimulated and tired folk.  The old cup of nescafe isn’t anywhere near the stacked jolt of caffeine in a brewed cup these days, and our adrenals are paying for it.

Do you often wake in the mornings and think to yourself “I need a cup of coffee” or mid afternoon? Is it something you turn to when you are tired and looking for a pep up? Unfortunately this is masking hidden underlying problems that is sending our bodies on a daily rollercoaster much like sugar does.

Workout supplements that promise ‘thermomgenic” properties that assist in weight loss quite often use coffee bean, guarana and can play havoc on an already stressed adrenal system and place stress on the liver eventually leading to hormonal imbalances. For these reasons it is best to reduce stimulants and improve your nutrition through other areas of your diet and lifestyle.

Sure, it takes time and maintaining a healthy body is an ongoing process.

Anything that returns a quick result will be hard to sustain or have long term repercussions.

Just by simply making some changes to your eating habits through natural methods is by far the better option!

5 ways to boost your energy naturally


1.  Watch the gluten

This is a no brainer but so effective. Do you find yourself in a carb coma after a lunch or dinner and find it hard to get motivated to do anything?  Processed carbs and refined grains in the form breads, pastas, cookies, cakes, fries etc is a major player and energy zapper so really be mindful of how much you eat each day and try to ‘crowd’ out the carbs with heaps of veggies, proteins and good fats

2.  Superfoods

Foods that I relate to being nutrient dense. They enhance a healthy diet and supply an array of nutrients that may be lacking in our food today.  Just a teaspoon here or a sprinkle there is all you need to introduce something new to your diet especially if you tend be a creature of habit with your meals. My new fave addition is the Bioglan Boosters which are great to sprinkle of a salad or stirfry. There are some more ideas here

3. Reduce the caffeine

I’m sorry you probably didn’t want to hear me say that but what is giving you energy is ultimately your undoing. There are some great alternatives to ease you throguh this such as herbal teas, roasted dandelion root or even water to bring you back to no more than a cup a day.

4.  Sleep

Simple and free, just a matter of making it a priority to go to bed 30 mins earlier a night is enough to bring more bounce to your day

5. Cut the sugar

Like caffeine, you are giving control to something that will indeed ruin you. Sugar stresses our cortisol levels and leaves us worn out and plain feeling like poo. Fruit is a a natural sugar hit but with nutrients (1-2 max a day). Take note of everything you eat for a day and you will be surprised at the sugar content (read the label). It is a process of switching your tastebuds to a more savoury palate but the good news is that is does happen if given the chance.

How does any of this relate to you? What do you do to pick up your energy levels naturally?

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