Recreate change to see change

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Do you, or perhaps you have friends that exercise consistently, yet don’t seem to get results and always look the same?

This would be fine and dandy if their goal was to stay looking the same but in most cases it isn’t.

Have you heard of the saying “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got?” I use to have this on my bedroom wall while I was competing professionally and it is a true reminder to most aspects of life from business to personal matters.
To make a change we have to recreate change, and to do this we must try to re frame from venturing down the same paths if they were not the right paths to begin with.  For example, if you have a goal to run a half marathon or even a 10km, and you hate running and feel like everything seizes up, your knees hurt and it takes all your mite to do the workout, then there is a high chance that the goal will not be reached. Nothing here is being achieved and you are better off trying something completely different, that you will enjoy PLUS get results.
By finding a workout that is going to give you results, instead of wasting time with one that hasn’t or won’t is the key.  Just going through the motions isn’t going to get us anywhere , you may as well stay sitting on the couch (well, maybe not).  I know, you have to start somewhere but make sure this ‘somewhere’, isn’t where you stay.  Intensity, and progression PLUS consistency is what you’re chasing.
I know it’s not that simple to find something that you love doing, but this is the most exciting part! No one is immune to stagnation but you owe it to yourself to get out there and put yourself on the line and try something new and fresh. Enlist your family and friends support to encourage you and make you accountable. I won’t lie and say that it won’t be uncomfortable but this is the space where the biggest rewards follow.

Personally, I love  to mix it up with water sports, running, spinning, dancing and exercise DVDs at home.  One trainer that actually motivates me is Tracy Anderson and her philosophy is to mix it up constantly and challenge your body and mind with different movements works for me.  All her videos sit on my hard drive in the gym and it is so easy to run in and turn them on when I have a spare moment.

It is comforting to find some routine in our workouts but the secret really is finding a routine of many routines. Spice it up, stimulate and trick your body, make it a unfavourable environment for excess weight to settle, keep your body on it’s toes and do it for your mental health, those endorphins really are priceless.

What is your favourite way to trick things up when you are feeling bored of your usual workout?


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