5 fabulously fit women share their most effective workouts

fitmums 599x599 - 5 fabulously fit women share their most effective workoutsSo, what workout do you turn to, when you’re time poor and just want something effective? I’ve bugged 5 super inspiring women/mother’s to share with us their ‘go to’ workouts. Here’s their secrets ..

Anita  @ Fit Mother Hubbard

Mum to 3 kids under 5 and marathon runner

For me, doing a HIIT (high intensity interval training) session in the backyard whilst the kids are playing is the perfect way for me to burn calories fast whilst strengthening my body at the same time. The kids often set up an obstacle course in the backyard or have a kick of the soccer ball whilst I have a quick workout. I like to aim for 20 minutes but with the demands of 3 children under 5, that’s not always possible. If I have to break it up into 2 sessions, then I will.  It still gets done which is good enough for me.

I pick between 8-10 free body weight exercises and do each one for 45 seconds with a 15 minute rest in between. If I’ve got time, I’ll do 2-3 sets. A sample session may look a bit like this. I always start with a 5 minute warm up. (Jogging on the spot, skipping, step ups)

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Kelly @  A life Less Frantic

Author and mum of two and marathon runner

Hands down, the most efficient + effective workout for me is running. I love being able to walk straight out my front door, and walk back in 30 minutes later having worked up a good sweat. If I want to get even more out of that 30 minutes I will run to a set of stairs near my place, do ten reps up and down, and then run home. The best thing about running is that it’s both a cardio workout for me AND my meditation. I’d be mentally lost without it.

However – my husband and I both want to get out and exercise in the mornings … and obviously we can’t both be out of the house at the same time. So on the mornings where it’s ‘his’ morning, I also have a rowing machine (I did a hire then buy thing to make sure I’d use it) and it’s an even better workout than running for the same amount of time because it uses your whole body.

From a ‘getting strong’ point of view – I started doing CrossFit last year and again, you get so much bang for your time investment. I’ve never been one for the gym – or even for being able to do strength stuff by myself at home. Two 45 minute CrossFit workouts a week have restored all the core strength I lost when I had my babies and keeps me uninjured when it comes to running.

Tessa Down That Little Lane

Owner DTTL with two children and fitness fanatic

For me it would have to be Pilates Reformer.


It supports all the fundamentals of a mat Pilates Class but amplifies them so builds a strong core and works on mobilising all your joints along with keeping the limbs nice and long with the stretching component. To top all that off it also works a huge range of the smaller muscles and because it is on a sprung loaded bed you can match it to your ability and are forced to control your movements in both directions of each exercise resulting in a superb toning ability.


I love the fact that it is a more gentle approach. The breathing and lack of loud music means it actually feels like a little bit of time out from the busy world of thoughts/chores/deadlines and little people.


For me it is mind, body and soul and I come out floating on a cloud, feeling longer , leaner and more rested than I did on arrival.


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Aanika  @  The active mum

Mum of two and degree in teaching and keen runner track runner.

When time is an issue and you want to get a workout that is very effective in a short amount of time for fitness and weight loss, then HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) would definitely be the way to go.  Studies have shown that HIIT is fantastic for weight loss and overall fitness, and the best thing about it is that you only need to work out for 20mins which is very doable even for the busiest mama.

Being a runner, if I wanted to do a HIIT session, I would do a quick warm up jog to a big hill around my local area, then would sprint up the hill and walk back down to rest, repeating for 20mins.  You can also do a HIIT in the gym with weights, in the pool, on the bike or whatever form of exercise you prefer.


If you are just looking for ways to live a more active lifestyle and be able to maintain a good level of overall fitness in your life without adding in strenuous workouts, then I would recommend finding an active recreational activity that you love and regularly participating in it with your family.  For instance, my husband and I both love to surf, so we do our best to get to the beach twice on the weekend and we take turns surfing and playing with the kids on the beach.  Not only are we all getting exercise, but we are doing something that we love which is extremely good for the soul.  If the beach isn’t your thing then there are plenty of other family friendly recreational activities like bike riding, bush walking or hiking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and many more!


Liz  @  Fitter Liz

Mum of two, fitness trainer and biking fanatic

My answer is the workout you enjoy!  A happy mum is usually a healthy mum.   Don’t waste your time with exercise that you don’t enjoy.  Find ways to move that engage you.  I spend a lot of time beating this one into my clients.

Do you have a favourite workout you can share in the comments below?

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