Simple hacks for a merry fitness

christmas kilos

The festive season is often referred to as the ‘silly season’ due to the over indulging of eating, drinking and late nights.  It is said on average we put on 3kg over the Christmas and New Year (I know…3kgs!!), which is the downside to this revelry.  This should come as no surprise with all the yummy food that is just calling to be eaten.  I’ve put together a guide to follow over the next month to ensure you look and feel your best come January.

Everything in moderation is the key, no surprises there, whether it is food or alcohol.  Of course exercise is a necessity to counteract the indulgence.

Simple hacks for a merry fitness


Think before you pick. When 1 fat laden canape turns into 10, this is when the trouble starts.  Try to fill up on crudites, salads, sushi and lean meats and never turn up starving. Give yourself a time out and sit yourself down on a seat for 5 minutes and take a few deep breaths, assess the situation and ask yourself if you’re hungry or just being a little greedy?

Try to limit the snacks and choose vegetables rather than crisps with the dips.  Bread sticks over corn chips and salsa over creamier counterparts.  Trim the fat off the Christmas meats and fill up on gourmet salads.  Fresh or dried fruit is a healthier option over cheeses.  Portion sizes are the thing to remember, if you don’t overeat to the feeling of being completely or even uncomfortably full then it should hold you steady for the month.

There is no such thing as free food.  If you struggle to avoid temptation of free food that is probably no more nutritious than the serviette it is served on remember how it will make you feel afterwards.  Here, i’ll give you a few ones to remember .. it makes you feel gross, you are eating empty calories, it messes with your metabolism, you will put on weight and you simply don’t need it. There, enough reasons?

Alcohol doesn’t have to be a sin, if you know a few tricks.  Start with a glass of sparkling water to take the edge off your thirst.  Dry wines and spirits mixed with soda and a spitz of lemon or lime are far better options than beer, cider, cocktails and milky spirits.  As a rule of thumb, the clearer the drink, less the headache the next day, or so they say.

Damage control


If you do overindulge, repair the damage by eating less the next day.  Re-hydrate with plenty of water and concentrate on fresh fruit and vegetables.


As soon as the hangover wears off, get active!  Go to the gym, head to the beach or go for a jog.  Getting the blood flowing will help with recovery and your body will show for it.  Bring back the feeling of looking after your body and your food choices will follow. You will be thankful after it is done, so don’t think  too much – just get out there!


Our bodies recover with sleep; lots of late nights can make us feel like zombies.  Make sure you catch up on missed sleep so you can back up and be the life of the party the next night…or not.


All this doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself over the festive season, even if you are watching your waistline.  If you follow these simple tips you will enjoy the party season without feeling worse for wear.
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