Really? 6 workout tips to help you see results

workout tips to help you see results

It’s easy to fall into the mindset that by simply beginning an exercise program that you will see immediate results on the scales. It’s not quite as simple as that with a few factors to take into consideration before you give up on the thought and get frustrated.

The hardest part is actually making a commitment to engaging in exercise and making it part of your lifestyle, so here are a few tips to make sure you’re putting the time to good use.

6 workout tips to help you see results

1//  Don’t kid yourself that working out allows you to pig out

Yep, you heard me. If your goal is to lose weight then don’t come home and think you have an excuse to eat the house down. Defeating the purpose peoples. I know it can be extra hard to control your ravenous urges after hard sessions but by taking a mindful moment and remembering why you went training in the first place will help you control what you fuel up on and how much you eat. Be accountable and take a food diary to help track your eating.

2//  It’s ok to break a sweat

Enough of the instagrams of pretty workout shots. It’s ok to sweat! Be inspiring and take an shot of how hard you are working out and what it takes to stay in shape. Honest exercise brings honest results so don’t just rock up to the gym expecting your makeup from the day to stay on. Sure, it can be fun but testing our abilities gives up a purpose and makes our recovery, aerobic days much more appealing.

3//  Get specific with your workout

There are certain things you would like to achieve from working out.. Right? Unless you have a lot of time on your hands we want to get the most bang for our buck in the least amount of time (unless you’re training for an endurance event). This can be done with 20 min HIIT (high intensity interval sessions) or a decent 40 minute walk with hills. Research is showing that 30mins is enough to give us the benefits of weight loss and a healthy body, if it’s done with a purpose and not fluffing around

4//  Variety is the spice of life

Change things up, not only will it stop you feeling bored with your exercise but it forces our bodies to adapt to a new program and avoid plateaus. Our bodies are very clever when it comes to becoming efficient  at something if done often enough. It doesn’t take much to step outside the realms of what you already do and change reps, exercises, duration or intensity. Every 4 weeks is said to be the optimal time, which can really work in your favour and easy to change every month.

5//  Work your smaller muscle groups

Yes, it’s true that our large muscles burn more energy when they are worked but it’s the smaller muscle groups that give us the definition and help us avoid bulking up with over worked muscles. Lets say you’ve done a spin class or been for a bike ride, if you’re working out that afternoon or next day focus on working the small muscles around your core or intrinsic butt muscles rather than working your hamstrings, quads and glutes.

6//  Take the time to chill and reflect

If you have the personality that finds it easy to overdo things this may be your first port of call. As we stress our bodies, our hormones are sent out of wack which in turn leads to all sorts of things with cortisol being released and insulin not being absorbed correctly. As we challenge our bodies more and more they retaliate in the way of clinging onto our fat stores and making us feel grumpy and tired. Take the time to chill out with yoga, stretching and meditation and reflect on your progress and assess the future. Gains come from rested bodies.

I could go on and on but in the end, it’s about listening to your body and being true to yourself. There really is no such thing as shortcuts and results come to those that work for them.

Everybody is different so what do you find is effective in your workouts?

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