Finding the time to exercise

Can you feel that spring energy?

As the winter layers begin to peel off so do our attitudes about our wellness.  Forget new years resolutions, spring time brings about more targeted fitness goals than any other time of the year.

One of the biggest complaints AND excuses I hear from other mothers is….”but I don’t have time to exercise anymore“. If you are one of these people, don’t say it in front of me because I will debate you over this one.

Staying fit and healthy is probably the most important  things we can do for ourselves.

Without our health we struggle to be the best mums we can be and everyone around us suffers. Not good. This why incorporating some kind of movement into everyday where we raise our heart rate is important. Eeeekkk! The dreaded word…Exercise!!

That TV show you wanted to watch…not important….that phone call you wanted to make…it can wait….that extra half hour of sleep in the morning….is not going to matter…checking out the goss on facebook …it’s not going anywhere.

In fact, I actually feel more energised and ready for the day after some morning tempo.

Mornings in my view is the best time to do it. Of course it works for me because my husband is not off to work at the crack of dawn (we tag team alternate mornings) but I make sure I am done by 7am to help with the morning routine. When the kids go to sleep at 7pm, if I haven’t been able to fit in during the day, it is done then. It is a matter of working with your family and prioritising. A habit will form and you will crave it.

body changesMaking it to the gym is not necessarily important. There are some great exercise DVD’s out there to do while your little one sleep during the day from home (or if you’re lucky enough to have the kids at school). You just have to find one you will stick with (a couple is good for mixing things up). I have a hard drive full of them on call connected via USB to my TV to suit the mood I am in.

Before going to sleep at night, have in your mind what you will do the next day, place your exercise clothes out by the bed, have everything in place so it is much easier in the dark. I always found it hard waking at 5am for swimming training EVERY morning and I did this for 15 years, don’t let anyone fool you into thinking it gets easy, it doesn’t!. But the good news is this IS the hard part, the easy part is actually working out and I can guarantee that you will never regret scheduling a workout.

We try to be good role models for our kids and by exercising we are showing to them how important it is. Don’t feel guilty by taking the time, it really is benefiting everyone.

Do you find it a chore to workout or is it a part of your daily life? What do you do to make it happen?
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