How to tactfully encourage others to eat healthy

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It can be challenging to stay consistent with your healthy eating plan when others around you have different ideas.

Getting people to eat healthy food is a balance of emotions and reason. People don’t want a health lecture; they want to identify with their choices and be happy about them. Quite often though people don’t even know what they like to eat until it is presented in front of them in a tempting way.

One of the most important aspects of staying true to your goals is to have a great support team that understands you through encouragement and understanding. When everyone is not on the same page it can make for rough waters and unsustainable.

It’s very true in the sense that you can’t motivate someone else. What you can do though is inspire – with your own good examples, give information needed to solve problems, or show your support when the going gets tough. Until something clicks inside and turns on the light switch that is needed, people don’t change their behaviour unless they want to change it and quite often this is when they are ready and willing to do what has to be done. The desire and readiness has to come from inside, and this is probably something that you have come across with yourself.

It can be frustrating when you have the knowledge and know how great it is to feel full of energy and illness free but there are some tactful ways where you don’t have to resort to  drilling it into your loved ones heads (which may save you from ultimately being resented).

6 ways to encourage your loved ones to eat healthy


1//  The supermarkets are laid out to maximize exposure to what they want you to buy. We should be doing that with healthy food in the home. We should reorganise our snack cupboards to place the healthy foods front-and-center. Show  them off  in attractive containers. Make junk food hard to get. It’s a case of out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

2//  Make impulses of the healthy kind. Buy a gorgeous fruit bowl that is inviting and creates a sense of happiness and always having a bowl full of the colours of the rainbow.

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3//  Give a healthy dish a new name that invokes brightness and laughter. You will be surprised at how something that is quite tasteless can be perceived different with a new name!

4//  Just like we do with kids, introduce new foods gradually by easing them in to dishes and siding them up with other meal favourites. Over time the new food will crowd out the old.

5//  Don’t flood others with your too much with your food rules. They will eventually get it when they see you vibrant and healthy and want some of ‘what your having’

6//  Continue to be the example and prove that having healthy habits is easy to sustain and a way of life. Yes, not every one wants to be healthy (yes I don’t get it either) but accept this and continue to inspire and prove you can ditch diets and set your focus on other things in life!

Have you had to overcome this in your household?  What has helped you?

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