Super easy ways to create a fitter family

The world seems to be making it ever easier for us to lead a sedentary life. Online shopping, banking and mobile phones give us what we want in a flash … Our lives can be run without leaving the house (cabin fever anyone)? And yet, it can often feel like we’re more and more time poor. With the demands of appointments, work, to-do lists, extra-curricular activities, housework – there can be so many things that make us put fitness on the back-burner.

And if you’ve ever told your kids to do as you say, you’ll know that they’re watching you to see what you do too. So if you’re leading a couch potato lifestyle, is it any wonder if your kids are following your example and childhood obesity rates are making headlines? The good news for us parents is that there are simple things we can do to take back control of our health and our kids’ healthy; there are heaps of ways to be creative, make exercise fun and motivate the family to get outdoors and start moving!

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5 simple steps to becoming a fitter family


1.       Create a family fitness plan

Time to put your thinking caps on and work out:

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