My 7 skin survival must haves for battling the elements

There is one thing for sure and that is you really notice the pounding your hair and skin take from leading an active lifestyle.

There is rarely a day that passes that my hair doesn’t get washed (or twice!) due to sweating or hitting the surf. The chilly winds also take their toll on my skin and if I’m not vigilant with the moisturiser nice smooth skin can soon pass for that of a crocodiles!

We really do put our bodies through extreme conditions when working out, not only physically from a fitness point of view but also braving the elements.

Over the years I have found some products that really work for me, they certainly are not expensive or over the top, quite the opposite! They do however help to create a barrier to protect my body from the harsh conditions that come with the sun, wind, heat and cold conditions.

beauty must havesMy 7 skin survival must have’s for braving the elements

1. Henna Wax

I have been using this product for 20 years now, and find it really beneficial after spending time in the pool or surfing.  It gives my hair instant moisture and I sometimes leave it in until I hit the water again. I have never had any problems with it lightening my hair either.

2. Milk Wash

My face gets super dry and this is a wash that doesn’t strip what’s left but rather leave my skin feeling baby soft.

3.  Rose Hip Oil

An instant pick me up and brings colour to my face. I love putting this on my face a couple of times a day and letting it soak in a take any feelings of dry and tightness away instantly

4. Lip Balm

I have shocking lips from years spent in the sun and I have a lip balm in about 5 different places around the house and car just because I’m always using it. Perhaps one day I’ll grow up and wear lipstick..

5. Zinc

I tend to breakout with normal sunscreen which is why I love a tinted zinc stick for my face.  It gives me better protection and coverage than standard cream.

6. Eye balm

I’m a little bit addicted to eye balms and found this gem on ebay. It’s all natural and gives me that lovely feeling of soft skin around my eyes and tends to ‘fill in’ lines so my makeup doesn’t amplify them!

7.  Hand moisturiser

Again, get a little agitated if I have dry hands and have a stash in my car and house because my hands cop it the most out of any body part whether I’m swimming, running or surfing. This is definitely the place I’m finding is showing signs of aging first.

So, there you have it, my skin survival must have’s that keep my going.. so I am keen to know what keeps your skin and hair going and perhaps you can recommend something for me to try?

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