Health and fitness news links to love #5

health and fitness news

Welcome to my weekly gathering of health and fitness news links to love.  These are the headlines that popped out at me during the week that I just had to bookmark for later reading ..

So to get things started the news links that caught my eye during the past week that I just had to bookmark are:

Legendary Middle Eastern-Style Vegan Bake

Oh my gosh, this looks devine and possible to make into a non vegetarian meal if so desired {OneGreenPlanet}

6 easy substitutes for wheat

There are some great substitutes for bread that you can try whether you are looking for a lunch box idea or an easy snack. The following six substitutes are healthier, wheat-free, gluten-free and can help you lose weight and taste amazing. {180Nutrition}

7 Vegan Foods That Give Your Workout a Boost

There are some especially awesome vegan foods that contain high doses of B vitamins for energy, iron for optimal blood flow, and magnesium for optimal muscle and nervous system function. Fill your plate with more of these vegan foods before your next workout, so you can train harder with more energy and recover more quickly after your workouts. {OneGreenPlanet}

Is it worth paying extra for organic?

One reason some people are prepared to pay more for organic is to avoid pesticide residues. And when CHOICE went shopping for produce they found certified organic grapes selling for $8.98/kg, compared with $2.99/kg for grapes at Aldi. But is this price premium really worth it? {Choice}

16 Ways To Detox Every Day

Daily detox measures help counteract the less healthy items we put in our body, as well as the environmental factors for which we have little control. Here are some little everyday helpful hints {MindBodyGreen}

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