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I love this gig … It’s such a fulfilling feeling to be sharing my passion for health and fitness.

This is why I love the birth of blogs, social media and information sharing. I love not keeping it private, I want to talk about wellbeing, I want to talk about health and I want to share what I know and learn.

Be the person you want, be the change you want to see in the world”  Gandhi

If you haven’t noticed there is a revolution going on, with more and more people developing an awesome awareness and taking responsibility for their actions in regards to health and wellbeing.  No longer are we accepting what we absorb from mainstream media but taking things a step backwards and digging deeper into what really constitutes a healthy body and mind and how we can maximise that feeling not just accept that this is how it is.


I have many people that inspire me, they know who they are, but now this is your chance to tell me who inspires you, to keep the energy flowing through Ironmum Karla with a quick message below how and why. Inspire me to inspire you further.

To say thank you for your joining me on my journey here Fitness First would like to reward an Ironmum Karla fan with a $200 Cannibal clothing voucher plus a FITNESS FIRST 10 PASS CARD worth $150 to help you reach your fitness goals and ‘pay it forward’.

Untitled design (1)Cannibal Clothing is one of Australia’s leading mens and womens triathlon/cycling/swimwear manufacturers and pride themselves on being made in Australia since 1989.

There is nothing better than motivating yourself towards a new first goal with new gear and Fitness First also are rolling out a out a Pro-Cycling class – which might help get people’s confidence up before they committee to a full tri J

What is Pro-Cycling?

  • A set of three 30 minute group cycling classes – themed around professional track cycling events
  • There are 3 classes: The Keirin, The Individual Sprint and The Team Spirit
  • All 3 classes are designed to maximise participants’ results in the minimum amount of time

In April and May Fitness First is also focused on the  Freestyle Group Training launch.

Freestyle Group Training will be available in all clubs (it’s a progressive launch but is already running in most) and Pro Cycling is available only in a select few clubs.

What is Freestyle Group Training?

  • HardCORE, H.I.I.T, Power, Strength, RIP, TRX
  • EFFICIENCYEffective 30 minute high energy time-efficient workouts make every minute count – delivering maximum results in minimum time.

Phew, there’s a lot going on isn’t there! So this is where I hand it over to you guys and you can now finish this post on a high with your own inspiring. For your chance to win the Cannibal clothing and Fitness First vouchers tell me who or what inspires you and why!

fitness first 2Fine print.. Must be an Australian resident You have ‘liked’ my facebook page (this is where I will be announcing the winner) Leave a post comment below. The winners have 48 hours to claim the prize by emailing me or it will be redraw. Competition closes on Thursday 5th June 2014 at midnight EST. This is a game of skill, entry’s are judged with the most creative winner being selected at the judges discretion. Please make sure there is a valid email address left so I can contact you should you win, otherwise prize will be forfeited. Only 1 entry per person (sharing on facebook allowed:)

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  • Mira

    I’m inspired by all the “average/ordinary” people who do this thing we call living a healthy life day in and day out. They don’t always get a gold medal, or win a race, or sometimes even get a pat on the back, they just do it and their reward is to be happy and healthy.

    • HI Mira, yes these people have the right thing going on, they know how good it feels to be healthy and how important it is for the flow on effect on all aspects of life!

  • Zoey

    The old me inspires the new me! As I look back at my constant injuries, surgeries, two pregnancies, fitness and weight levels, I feel inspired to keep going as I can see how far I have come. Whenever I feel I can’t do something, I think about my knee surgery rehab, or how I couldn’t even finish a gym class, and I feel inspired to keep on with my journey!

    • Nice, Zoey injuries are the pits and they do make you appreciate exercise even more and the other benefits of just time to yourself! x

  • Matt Carter

    After being a competitive Paddler for over 20 years and competing all over
    the world. I am inspired by my wife Wendy who has supported me immensely over
    the years and is now herself taken up Competitive Running. With everything that
    LIFE throws at her on a day to day basis, she continues to get stronger and
    stronger as a person and as a Runner lowering her PB regularly. Matt.

    • I love this, good on you Matt .. and Wendy! Sounds like she is keeping you on your toes rowdy 😉

  • Kirsty Russell

    I would have to say it’s the Ladies that are not quite in shape but are slogging it out on the pavement or in the gym and giving their all it’s them I feel I know where you’re at, I feel your pain ~ good on you for doing something about it! They are the people that inspire me.

    • Too true, that is the hardest part, trying to incorporate it into your lifestyle if it’s been lacking .. until you get the feel good thing happening ..

  • Kim m

    My Dad inspires me, he became a personal trainer at the age of 59, he has used his knowledge and determine to recover from a heart valve repair operation and is super fit and healthy!


  • I was always fit and healthy pre-kids but since having 3 littlies, I can absolutely say that they inspire me each and every day to be the best that I can be and be that role model that they deserve. Getting involved in daily fitness with them is one of my greatest pleasures in life.

    • Hi Neets, don’t they just .. they keep us on our toes and you can really use it to try and better yourself. They are like little sponges and absorb everything!

    • Oh and congrats I love this and can totally relate. Please email me with your contact details 😉

  • Jess

    My 13 year old daughter who never gives up and always has a go! I wish I shared her enthusiasm and confidence. Her latest efforts on the surf ski are proving that size doesn’t matter and you just need to persist. Hopefully I can take some of her attitude on board and eventually catch up and paddle by her side ????

    • Oh that’s great Jess, on a ski at 13! Yes, that would be something to strive for to go paddling together 😉

      • Jess

        Thanks Karla. Definitely a challenge learning ski at nearly 40. But worth it to spend time my girl??

  • Roxy

    I am inspired everyday by my creator, knowing that my body is given to me by God only once in this lift time. I am inspired by the gratitude I feel from not having any serious illnesses or problems that hinder me from getting outdoors and experiencing his creation. I am constantly inspired by the strength and courage of a friend who after completeing mutliple marathons found out he had hodgkins lymphoma. He is still determined more than ever to do the Mooloolaba half marathon this year in August and I am going to run the race with him!

    • That’s awesome Roxy, and a very grounding attitude! All the best with the run! I’ll be selecting a winner shortly x

      • Roxy

        Thanks Karla! It is so uplifting to be apart of a community that is so encouraging 🙂 x