Health and fitness news links to love #4

Health and fitness news

Welcome to my weekly gathering of health and fitness news links to love.  If you missed last weeks links you can find them here

So to get things started the news links that caught my eye during the past week that I just had to bookmark are:

7 things doctors don’t tell new mums

During your pregnancy, you obsessed over every new change in your body and belly. For nine months, you practiced prenatal yoga, ate all the right foods, and were followed by a whole team of health professionals. But then what? You give birth and suddenly …. You. Are. A. Mom….. (MindyBodyGreen)

Yoga and surf tips – back strengthening

With a lot of surfing comes rolled shoulders,  this pose opens the chest muscles and fascia, builds the back muscles, with core stabilization and structural alignment. It also creates a positive muscle memory for over-use that results from paddling. (Inertia)

How to eat mindfully, a practice that will change your life

This has been coming up a lot as I complete my health and wellness certification, and something I have been focussing on myself (MindBodyGreen)

How to be a vegetarian and peacefully co-exist at mealtime

So you’ve decided you’d like to become a vegetarian, or maybe you already are. Welcome to the club.  Here are some tips for co-existing with our omnivore brothers and sisters at meal time. (Lifehacker)

Grilling habits..what you need to know

here’s a slew of research detailing the hazards of grilling — how and why it changes the chemical composition of your foods in ways that can be dangerous to your health. Here’s (the short version of) what you need to know. (Refinery29)

Have you any favourite Health and Fitness websites you would like to share?

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