Health and Fitness News Links to Love #3

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Welcome to my weekly gathering of health and fitness news links to love.  If you missed last weeks links you can find them here

So to get things started the news links that caught my eye during the past week that I just had to bookmark are:

5 symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity

Most people with gluten sensitivity have no digestive symptoms at all. Most doctors are familiar with celiac disease and the digestive issues associated with gluten sensitivity, but the vast majority of doctors not familiar with many of the other symptoms, especially the non-digestive symptoms that can be caused by gluten. Here are 5… (MindBodyGreen)

Fresh Summer Veggie Rolls

I know it’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere but these are here just to remind us how good it is to still have nice light meals every now and then too. (OneGreenPlanet)

These 11 charts show whats wrong with the modern diet

The studies are clear on this… when people abandon their traditional foods in favor of modern processed foods high in , refined flour and vegetable oils, they get sick. Of course, there are many things that can contribute to these health problems, but changes in the diet are the most important factor. (BusinessInsider)

Top 7 sources of plant proteins

Ultra endurance athlete Rich Roll gives us his top 7 sources of plant proteins. (MindBodyGreen)

Performance enchanced and sex driven

This post didn’t catch my eye because you think it did, it actually talks about probiotics and the advanced benefits it has to our health (Outside)

Have you any favourite Health and Fitness websites you would like to share?

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