5 ways to include chocolate in your diet..the healthy way

I’m going to pass on some ideas to give you every reason to bypass the confectionary isle at the supermarket for good.

When you hear the benefits of chocolate, don’t be caught up in thinking this is referring to the standard sugar/fat filled one on the shelves. We are talking dark chocolate (the derivative from the cocoa bean in particular)  and there are lots of ways you can get the same taste by making it yourself and yummier!

I am a little bit  addicted to adding Bioglan raw cocao into my daily meals and snacks and without the guilt!  Cacao powder is packed with nutrients, magnesium, iron, antioxidants and polyphenols to help support your health every day. It is also

• Rich in antioxidants for whole body protection (2 x more than blueberries)

• Supports your natural immunity

• High in magnesium to support healthy muscles, heart (3 x more than spinach)

and stress levels

• A good source of iron for energy (8 x more than spinach)

• Source of fibre for digestive health

The biggest plus for me is it naturally contains theobromine and anandamine that boost your mood – a bit like coffee does but for the non-coffee drinkers!

So here are my top 5 ways to add a bit of chocolate into your life, the healthy way


Date, Cocoa and Chia seed bliss balls

date and chia seed bliss balls

My date, cocoa and chia seed bliss balls are super easy to make with no baking, take next to no time and store forever in the freezer.  I also add protein powder just to pack a real punch in the protein stakes.  There is quite a lot of natural sugars from the dates in this recipe so the protein aids in slowing down the release of the sugars into the bloodstream and to prolong satiety.

Sticky cocao chia seed pudding

cocao chia seed pudding

My Sticky cocao chia pudding is loaded to the brim with goodness and boasts the new superfood chia seed.  This cute little morsel is full of omega- 3 fatty acids and more antioxidants than blueberries (that is a lot;).  They work to promote cellular repair, maintain healthy blood pressure, and balance your sugar levels.

Choc berry superfood smoothie

cocao berry smoothie

This smoothie is full to the brim of superfood goodness and is nutrient dense with heaps of fibre, energy and antioxidants.  The maca powder is an addition which helps with endurance and is a  is a powerful adaptogen.  This means it is great to support our system to better cope with stress and balance hormones in male and females. This is more of a breakfast smoothie and is super thick as the chia seeds absorb the milk.  If you want something a little more hardy just add a 1/4 cup muesli.

Raw coconut rough raw coconut rough I call this recipe coconut roughs because the taste reminds me of the ones you buy in the confectionary aisle that are full of saturated fat, sugar and well not much else. These are protein packed with the addition of almonds but not overpowered by them because I didn’t want something chock full of nuts (I eat enough of them already during the day).

Dairy free chocolate bar dairy-free choc bar

Once you have the ingredients, then it is super easy and much more pure than conventional chocolate which contains mainly animal fats and processed sugars.

Cocoa butter is the duck’s nuts (it can be pricey) of chocolate and comes from the cocao bean. It is a good source of Vitamin E and has essential fatty acids Omega-6 and monounsaturated Omega-9 (oleic acid, like olive oil) as well as stearic acid – an unusual fat in that it neither increases nor decreases blood cholesterol.

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