My top 5 health & fitness links for the week

I think I am going to make this a regular each week because I read so much good stuff that it would be an injustice not to share. My favourite links from all things, health, fitness, wellbeing, motivation, you get the idea.

So to get the ball rolling these are my top 5 health and fitness links bookmarked for this week.

top health and fitness links

It’s All in Their Heads: The Mental Edge of Athletes Who Win

To better understand how mental toughness can help ask someone who has run through a desert for seven days straight, complete 400 grueling reps in a mere 25 minutes, or win a half-Ironman triathlon with a broken foot (yes, really). Sure, you are probably looking for inspiration on a smaller level but this will help you put it all in perspective! (Greatist)

Running Injuries – What to do when your workout wreaks your toenails

But many serious runners assume that black, loose, or missing toenails are just part of the deal. It’s not if you know a few tricks… (NY Well and Good)

Is coconut oil all it’s really cracked up to be?

So … is coconut oil actually healthy or just a passing health fad? And, if it is healthy, why did we use to think it was so bad for us? This one interested me as I’m studying nutrition and all the old research says it’s ‘bad’…something I didn’t want to believe! (Huffington Post)

How far fitness has fallen

Athletes are fit but do they have anything on their ancestors? Everything at the moment seems to be going back primal times!…(Outside)

6 Health Lessons from the Paleo diet

While everyone from professional athletes to mommy bloggers seems to be touting the whole food, grain-free, meat-heavy Paleo Diet, it’s not without its critics…. (Huffington Post)

 Have you had any favourites you would like to share?

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