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This week I was given the challenge by Fitness First to supercharge my health and fitness to celebrate Australian fitness week. Did you know it was such a week? I thought not, so to help you all do something special in honour of your wellbeing I thought I would share some of my pantry essentials (my go-to basket) that makes up the majority of my recipes.

I prefer to eat gluten/ dairy free with minimal sugar but the main thing is that I prepare as many whole foods as I can for the family and that usually means making my own. You can flick through my recipes if you’re looking for inspiration.

There are many things you can skimp in regards to your health and fitness but our nutrition should never be neglected.  Think about doesn’t matter how much you workout, run, pump weights, do yoga etc if you don’t have the correct fuel – it all goes in vain which is why the basis of wellbeing is nutrition. There is no point spending money on a personal trainer if you are not putting in the effort to eat well. Never put a price on eating healthy…Super charge your pantry!

Eating well will make you want to get out of bed in the morning and hit the gym, eating well will motivate you to get into your gym clothes and show off your hot bod, eating well will give you the energy you are after!


So to get you started here are my top pantry staples

wellness pantry

You can adapt to your own allergies, tastes etc but I think this should give a great list to fill your pantries and help to create a change towards healthier eating. Oh and don’t forget to go through your other pantry items that look like they are out of date or NOT going to help you towards your health goals.


What would you add to the pantry list?

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