My schkinny maninny detox experience

I’m a detox virgin..well, I was up until last week.

Last week I was contacted by Catherine at Schkinny Maninny to see if I was keen to try her 3 day juice cleanse.  Admittedly I was going to send a quick email to say thanks but no thanks purely due to my naivety of her product but once I jumped online and sussed out the programs I was sold.

The Schkinny Maninny juice detox is different to anything I have seen before and one I actually thought even I could get through. There seems to be a fuzzy line out there in the media of what constitutes a detox…

According to the dictionary, “detoxification” refers to the metabolic process by which substances such as drugs, alcohol, ingested food additives, heavy metals, cigarette smoke, pesticides and other pollutants (aka toxins) are changed into less harmful or more readily excretable substances.

Personally, a “detox diet” combines balanced meals and regular physical activity to help your body’s immune system perform at its peak to use the five major immune organ systems including skin, kidney, intestine, lymphatic and liver to naturally detoxify the body. Weight loss is not the goal and either is restricting yourself of nutrients or using diuretics and laxatives.  These kinds of detoxes are counter-productive as they weaken the immune system and slow down the metabolism, let alone leave you in a foul mood and send you into a complete eating frenzy once it’s over!

“I’m nervous” was my first response to Catherine’s email. I think she sensed that because I have an athletic background (we love to eat) I was going to be left feeling lethargic and weak so she recommended the ACTIVE cleanse. This program is the most calorie dense cleanse, and contains 2 nut smoothies per day, juices for morning tea and afternoon tea, and soups for lunch and dinner.  The juices combine both fruit and vegetables, and the soups combine vegetables with either nuts or beans. Perfect!

active juice detox

I like to think my diet is pretty darn good. I don’t drink coffee, hardly consume alcohol, tuck into superfoods like no tomorrow and am aware of food additives and steer towards a natural food intake. BUT in this world it is hard to be perfect and there is always room for improvement from uncontrollable pollutants in the air and even cleansing our bodies from free-radicals that are caused by exercise and eating animal proteins.

So, the freshly prepared juices arrived on my doorstep (6 bottles x 3 days, and they are delivered daily if you live near capital city) and I was quite surprised at how much there was. Juices such as the leap frog (spinach, cucumber, apple, kiwi and parsley) and the orange show (rockmelon, mint, orange, cucumber and apple) and a soup with carrot, cashew and ginger all in 600ml bottles. The nut smoothies were indulgent nearly!

schkinny maninny juice detox

I was probably a little overzealous on the first day, scared of going hungry I consumed most of the 6 bottles but was a little bloated and refluxy by the end of the day.  Day 2 and 3 I cut back the amount (you don’t have to drink it all to get the benefits) and only drank what I felt and skipped the soup at lunch.

Included in the pack is packets of detox tea, a bath soak, loofah scrub, and small tub of seeds to chew on if you feel the need. Being my first detox I didn’t really know what to expect and the feelings that would arise but the thing that struck me was the awareness it brought to the little habits that had made way into my life. Pinching a little bit of food while making school lunches, having a little sip from the rice milk carton, grabbing some nuts and dried fruit when I wasn’t necessarily hungry….

soup juice detox

Even though I just had a reconstructive foot operation I was still getting in around 1-1 1/2 exercise a day, This also helped me to divert my thoughts and suppress any hunger pains. I wouldn’t say they were hunger pains just a feeling of emptiness just because there wasn’t anything solid in my stomach and the juices were do easily digestible. There was a feeling of fogginess each day around 2pm with slight headache and funny taste but that was gone once I tucked into my 3pm juice. It was probably a great way to clear my body of the operations anaesthetics and antibiotics I had just completed.

I didn’t wake up feeling ravenous actually quite the opposite and at times felt perfect mind clarity. There were times that I wanted to throw in the towel and life around a young family probably didn’t help the cause but reminded myself that hunger is 90 % in the mind and 3 days out of my life was nothing.

The 3 day active cleanse is $215 and I see this as an investment in your health. Sure, you could go about and juice your own drinks for 3 days but I think by actually committing to doing this financially, it actually would make you accountable to see the program though. Good luck to you if you can see out 5 days because 3 days was more than enough for me.I think the 1 day cleanse would also be great to do every few months just to reset.

On the 4th day I continued with my usually superfood smoothie and salads and it was amazing how my tastebuds had become super sensitive and almost receptors to anything unnatural. In the end I was glad I took up the challenge and encourage anyone to at least try…For more info visit the website here

Have you tried this detox or any others?

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