My next exciting life progression

health and wellness coachOne might think that being forced to stay home for 5 days straight due to a foot operation is tough going.  For us outdoorsy type’s anyways.

I thought so too..It did take a couple of days for me to get over this feeling but that was a wind down of sorts also.  Lots of good things came from this time by taking stock, doing a detox and catching up with ‘life’ by assessing my goals and putting into place what’s important. Taking a step back to move forward.

Being healthy and active will always be a front runner for me and my family and this is why I created this blog to share and inspire everyone from the professional sportsperson to those seeking a better version of themselves.

Through my personal experiences and 20 years of researching for my knowledge has now led me to seal my thirst for knowledge and turn my attention to the next step.  To become a certified health Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coach through Cadence Health.

This is an exciting time for me and will allow me to build from my Cert.IV personal training certification. Being certified will enable me to assist clients in reaching and permanently maintaining a healthier lifestyle through activity, healthy eating habits and mental fortitude. I see it more of a holistic approach to wellbeing and something I have always stood strong on…Our health begins with what we feed our bodies.

I know it is hard to always eat well and to correct bad habits which is where it becomes deeper by exploring thoughts, feelings and discovering strengths you might have to create a vision and a plan together short and long-term goals. Just becoming aware and wanting to change is the first step.

So I have just completed my first module which works on the ‘coaching’ side of things (I prefer to use the words ‘helping steer’) and it has been great. It really taps into the use of positive psychology aspect and what drives people to want to change. Next is the Certificate of Nutrition which I hope to finish within 6 months (massive text-book!)

 So, watch this space as my mind is in overdrive with the possibilities I can create to hopefully help people to find optimum health and wellness.


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