12 Towers Ocean SUP race 2014

One of my favourite races, the 12 towers SUP race was held on the Gold Coast over the weekend. this event also happens to be the first ever SUP event I competed in 2 years ago so for that reason it is a little special to me.

12 Towers is one of Australia’s premier SUP events and this year it went to a 2 day program to include a 14 km downwind ocean paddle from Kirra point to Burleigh beach and then a BOP style event on the Sunday.  BOP means ‘Battle of the Paddle” and is a technical course in and out through the surf with short run legs (about 5-6 km).

karla gilbert 12 towers

This event brings together age groupers, the elite and then first timers like my husband, Andrew. Andrew has come from a limited ocean background but somehow, and full credit to him, finished the Molokai 52km ocean ski paddle last year and then the 14km SUP paddle on Saturday. What a champ and I can’t wait to get in some nice downwind runs in Maui in July with him!

Anyways, as you probably guessed I don’t like talking about my own achievements but for the record crossed the line first in both the distance and BOP style race and to take the overall 12 Towers champion female title which was very satisfying.  There is a lot that goes into having the perfect race but sometimes it’s how you deal with the thoughts and feelings throughout the race that makes or breaks a good one. This is what I love about racing, finding out what you’re capable of and surprising yourself!

karla gilbert SUP

There was some great competition from the girls and we are really stepping up the level in racing which is great to see – at the expensive of beating some not so happy guys 😉

A special thanks to my little paddling group run by Pete Dorries and Naish SUP for supplying me with the best boards IMO, on the planet!  Bolle sunnies for cutting the glare and finding the best swell runners and Ingo and Ehiku for styling me out with their Mahiku Activewear HawaII kini capris.

karla gilbert

Photo credit – Trevor T and Rambo (seabreeze forums)

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