Ways to cut sugar at EACH meal


ways to eat less sugar

Sugar is getting a bad wrap at the moment.. and it’s about time!

With studies showing (and waistlines) we are consuming way over the limit of refined sugars at each meal and snack it could possibly be the best resolution to make this year…and good news is….it may be life changing.

It would be the most talked about topic people discuss with me, how they want to cut the amount of sugar they eat.

My advice would be to take one meal a day and break it down, even focus on it for a few days before you tackle the next meal.


Eating one less sugary meal a day is far better than going cold turkey with each meal straight up and chances are you’ll get a better understanding and stick with it.

It really is quite simple but with so many theories out there, it relates back to the KISS (keep it simple stupid) acronym. Use your common sense.

Ways to cut sugar at each meal



This is probably where many of us come undone. Snacks are portrayed as treats…it’s just how we are brought up in society so it’s up to you to make the decision to go healthy. Biscuits, cakes, muesli bars, protein bars, fruit smoothies etc can easily be swapped for nuts, small amounts of dried fruit, rice crackers, vegetable sticks and hommus, eggs whole pieces of fruit. It’s just a mindset…


Some like it sweet some like savoury.  Both have their merits but also their downfalls.  Savoury meals are great if you are limiting the fat intake and sweet doesn’t have to be over the top sweet..with a few tricks.

Pure fruit juice is old school and will send your blood sugars haywire.  Choose something involving vegetables if you want a juice with a hint of sweetness through half and apple.  It’s better to eat fruit whole so you’re gaining the benefit of the fibre.

Learn to read the cereal labels (see this post which Choice reviewed the best cereals), you’ll be surprised at how clever marketing will fool you into believing it may be healthy. Granola is usually only worthwhile eating if you make it yourself.

Watch your yoghurt choices also. Go plain greek, that way you’re safe and forget the varieties with added fruits (you know the ones with it all sitting on the bottom like jam). I went into detail on yoghurt choices here.

A coffee or tea with 2 teaspoons of sugar easily cuts into the recommended daily limit of 6 teaspoons which can easily be substituted for a natural sweetener such a natvia or stevia.


Usually these meals are safe from added sugars IF you are wary of the sauces. Relishes, chutney, tomato sauces, mayonnaise, salad dressings all have sugar so try to keep your food as ‘clean’ as possible.

Heavy sauces you find on oriental and indian dishes are culprits as are pasta sauces and pre-packaged meals. Let’s not even get into fast foods…

The amount you drink though is another place to look…alcoholic beverages, cordials, softdrinks that can accompany meals easily add up the sugar tally.

 What are some hidden sugars you eat and are snacks your biggest downfall?

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