Get the good ‘stuff’ under your skin in 2014


It’s that time of the year, like it or not, that new beginnings are in the air and health goals are priority…at least for now…

Many like to just do a general ‘sweep’ of getting out there and having a crack at getting fit and ‘detoxing’ their diet. Usually this doesn’t last and is only a short-term remedy because as soon as the holiday period is over and life resumes back to normal this mindset goes out the window.

I think it’s important to actually delve a little deeper into what causes us to NOT want to exercise, to overindulge in alcohol, to treat our bodies like it is someone else’s problem (well, technically it is once you enter the emergency ward).

This usually means taking a good look at our habits.

No one is perfect and we all have our crutches. There are certain foods I just don’t buy because if they enter the house they are on the hit list. We all have weaknesses but it’s how you go about these weaknesses (ie. sleeping in) by developing creative ways to give you the best chance of creating a healthy and energetic 2014.

It’s the daily decisions that make up the bigger picture. 

All the small seemingly less unimportant thoughtless decisions count towards making this year your best year yet. From the moment you plan your weekly meals and buy accordingly to making sure you’ve written your weekly exercise plan.  Nothing good happens (well nearly) without preparation and planning.  It’s king.

Try to kick those unwelcome habits totally out to sea and welcome in new ones.  It will bring the feeling of reinventing yourself and really giving life a purpose.  Get excited about nourishing your body with the best foods around and discover an exercise you can’t wait to get out of bed in the mornings to do (or afternoons if that works for you)

I’m not here to say it will be easy if you have some ingrained habits but anything easy is not worth doing. Challenge yourself initially and then once something good gets under your skin it’ll be hard to stop the momentum.  All you have to do is give yourself a chance.

2014 is your year…now go out there and get it! x

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