What’s the best way to listen to music on the move?

best sport music playerHave you noticed the rise and rise of sports headphones/mp3 players in stores and catalogue’s lately?

There is a mini surge for a need that connects us to music as we workout in the great outdoors.  The birth of MP3 players created portability but now it has gone to the next level as we not only want music but we want it to sound GREAT as well.

Ultimately the choice comes down to what style of player you like to workout with and what you can afford but you also have to take into consideration the battery life and ease of use. There is a difference between your normal player and something that is suitable for sports. The sports specific styles tend to be a little more robust, are water or sweatproof and they stay put when put around your ears

From what I have seen…

3 main ways to look the different ways to listen to music while working out

1. Headphones with built-in MP3 player

2. Wired headphones (attached to you ipod etc)

3. Neckband Bluetooth headphones (linked to your wireless device)

So with the built-in headphones MP3 player it gives you the freedom to go about your workout without the hassle or need for an ipod or additional device. The sound quality will be comprised as well as a limit to what you can control (playlists, order of songs) and the amount you store. There are a couple on the market that are totally waterproof (including bone conductivity) which I think is totally necessary.

Next there is the wired sport headphones category which is probably the most common used around the gyms with a simple sport headphone connected to a mobile phone or ipod/mp3 player. This is all ok but probably not the smartest choice when there is sweat and water bottles thrown into the mix. Going outdoors requires your device to be in a waterproof case and headphones need to be sweatproof.  I get really frustrated with cords going around my neck and are forever getting them caught in my clothing etc which is why I love the 3rd option.

Wireless, sweatproof headphones are the next generation of sport headphones to hit the market and I have been impressed!  Denon, who are the leaders in quality audio products, recently sent me a pair of their Exercise freak fitness headphones and WOW what a difference good quality makes! Using Bluetooth technology these colourful earphones sit comfortably in your ear and wrap around your neck. The powerful base gives new meaning to the power of music. They retail for around $150.

denon exercise freak headphonesThey  feature anti-microbial earpieces and will survive a sudden downpour of rain but you will need to link these up to your Bluetooth device (mobile phone, ipod nano etc) and have it waterproof if you plan to head outside.

So if this is something you would like to see under the tree on Christmas morning, take your pick it will definitely amp up your exercise routine and from what studies show, 18% further!

 How to do you travel when you workout?

 Note: Denon did provide me with their headphones to review which I happily obliged!

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  • Kirsty Russell

    Ah yes I have been having this problem of late too… and more so what to put my phone in while I am walking or running. Getting tangled in cords while jogging is a problem but didn’t think of getting wireless ~ something else to think about. lol

    • Karla

      You can get arm bands which protect them a little from weather and also a simple ziplock bag otherwise it’s a waterproof mp3:) x

      • Kirsty Russell

        I have the arm band on my Christmas list already lol


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