4 things that have inspired me this week…

I’ve across some inspiration this week that I thought I would share. They are just small things that didn’t really hit me at the time but stuff that my mind reminded me of an hour or day later.  To me that means it has legs and I am grateful for coming across them.

So today I will leave you with one video, one blog post, one picture and one recipe.

1.  This video

If you into ocean paddling you probably would have heard this name but if not, it is still awe inspiring and will leave you with a mix between the warm and fuzzies and amazement.

2. This blog post

How to live the life you were born to live is not your average spiel but instead it gives a different perspective on what actually may be wrong doing you right….

3. This picture

I think it says enough for itself…we will all take a different meaning from this.


4 This recipe

Just because it is so summery and in season and I just want to eat it!  One day I will make this…Pacifica cake made with pineapple, coconut and banana and I believe it is raw too! Yummo!!!

So what’s been sticking strong in your mind this week?  Have you found or read anything lately that has struck a cord?

Inspiring pic via

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