Interesting health and fitness bites from the week

newsieI feel like I’m finally getting on top of things again after school holidays, competing in California and overcoming some coughing/sleeping bug (or call it jetlag/plane germs) so it was nice to sit down and scour my feeds for inspiration and interesting health and fitness articles to keep us ticking along on the path to wellness.

Here’s 6 articles that popped out and got my attention

1. To gym or not to gym 

What do you think?  Here is a comparison of the two approaches to working out and their merits

2. Inspiring books list

Crazy, Sexy, Wellness blogger Kris Carr shares her top 10 mental, spiritual and emotional health books

3. 10 minute ways to unleash your inner athlete

Or better at your work, whatever your passionate about.  Try spending a month focussing on your goal by just spending 10 minutes a day improving on what you do or know.

4. Oatmeal pumpkin bread

Because Halloween is just around the corner it’s fun to make a healthy recipe with pumpkin..

5. What about Kombucha?

It has been around for donkeys but what about all the fizzy, sugar laden varieties that are popping up at our local?

6. 6 mistakes you may be making on the yoga mat

Or more like yoga etiquette and reminders on the correct form.

Happy reading and have a great weekend!

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