Exercise mantras..what’s yours and why you need one

Uhuh… it’s that funny kind of talking to yourself, voice in your head that I’m talking about. Exercise mantras..or mind games are tools you can use to get the best out of a hard training session or try to implode some enthusiasm where it may otherwise be lacking.

Workout mantras do differ to your run of the mill ‘magic is something you make happen’ kind of spiel, they are more to the point and create an action/response/emotion that is unique to you.

I think because I’ve trained for so long now I don’t realise the frequency of one-liners going through my head. It’s during a hard session or tough race that I find they are in full force and thank goodness I’m the only one that can hear!

We really are our own worst critic, or at least we should be. We are the only ones who know our limits and what we’re capable of so it’s during these times when we feel that’s it that ‘mantra’s’ can pick us (or give us a reason) to get up and get going!

This may seem really full on but while I was competing as a professional Ironwoman, my bedroom was full of mantra’s on the walls. Come into my hotel room when I was away competing and it would be the same. If we can’t see something it doesn’t sink in so the best way of replicating what we want to happen is by making it hard not to notice.

What kind of things were covering my walls at home I hear you say..well one of my favourites was

PicMonkey Collage

Whereas if I was competing it would be more race specific with cue action words on what I would do during a particular part of the race. It was all about positive, strong, purposeful words that subconsciously filled my mind and repeated when everything else was failing.  It’s all about tricking the mind….and the body will follow.

It may be helpful to stick some up on your fridge to give you motivation to improve your diet


or something next to your alarm clock to inspire you to the path of fitness

path to fitnessSo yes, those clichés that can sometimes fill up our facebook feed really do have their place..you just have to find the ones that relate to you and make them happen.

Do you use mantra’s? What is your favourite one?

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