Why all athletes need smooth sexy legs and veet easywax review

Legs of Runner

Smooth prickle free skin is not just sexy looking but also serves as a purpose to athletes.  Although I’m not totally up to speed (pardon the pun) on scientific research of how much advantage it gives an athlete to be hairfree but I sure do know it makes you feel fast!

There was always a list of things I would go through before important competitions and yes one of them was to shave down.  Please don’t picture me as being super hairy but rather just cleaning up my legs, underarms, bikini line (my professional attire was a swimsuit so there really was nothing left to hide).

Mentally I was telling myself that the training and preparation was done and now it’s the business end of things, that and painting my fingernails…important issues for us girls.

Anyways here are my reasons why you should have hair free skin if you’re a weekend warrior or athlete.

 Deep tissue massages feel so much better, I could imagine guys get their skin ripped a little but it’s just like one big skin  moisturising session so take advantage of it.

+ The most common reason is it looks better.  Your muscles look toned and buff;)

+ Compression tights slide on like a breeze, not getting friction on the way up.

+ If you graze yourself, fin chop, stack it, bruise etc it is easier to manage the wound without the hassle of hair being in the way with increased potential for infection.

+ If you must, think of all the resistance you are NOT making in your race (especially if you’re a swimmer).

 I’m from team epilady, and have been for a good 20 years now but was given the opportunity to try the veet hair removal system the EasyWax. I know it all sounds a bit daunting saying electrical and hot wax in the same sentence but they are the perfect team.


What the EasyWax does is heats the wax cartridge inside the applicator and then you simply roll on the wax, smooth over a strip and voilà!  It does take a good 45 mins to heat up once plugged in so you would have to plan but something I always seemed to stuff up on my past attempts was the evenness of the application and keeping the wax at the right temperature. This little gadget takes care of this.

I can’t say it was any quicker than the epilady and the pain factor was probably dulled after a few strips but I’m sure I will speed things up once I get the hang of it. If you’re a waxer at heart then I could imagine this would be the holy grail of home waxing and hair removal products.

So all in all, Yes I’m happy with the results and will use this again.  I’m not sure how long a cartridge lasts (you can buy refills)  but the simplicity certainly attracts me.

So, for all you athletes and weekend warriors out there, or even just because spring has sprung, it’s time to bare your legs, smooth skin is always in and toned is even better looking than any fashion trend.

So what hair removal products do you use, shaver, cream, wax, epilady and why?

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